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Fourth-Year Electives

Medical students in their fourth-year are able to apply to several OB-GYN elective courses.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clerkship - ICE Course # 110101
This elective allows students an opportunity to participate in the care of pregnant women with medical and surgical problems who require maternal-fetal medicine sub-specialty care. It involves work with faculty to perform invasive and noninvasive prenatal diagnostic procedures for fetal problems.

Director:  Emily A. DeFranco, DO

AI-Obstetrics Service Elective – ICE Course #110103
The Obstetrics AI is a member of the postpartum & triage service.  A gradual increase in responsibilities & complexity of postpartum & triage patients occurs over the 4 weeks.  Students assist with preparing for Planned Procedures & Newborn Circumcisions.  Students can also assist on C-sections.  The rotation is equally divided between time on the Day OB service and Night Float service.
Director:  Amy M. Thompson, MD

AI – Gynecology Service Elective – ICE Course #110109
The Gynecology AI is a member of the gynecological surgical and consultative team at University Hospital. The student participates in surgeries and follows patients postoperatively. Inpatient and emergency department consults are also provided. They participate in GYN specialty clinics as well.
Director:  Amy M. Thompson, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility - ICE Course # 110116
This primarily outpatient elective provides a broad exposure to reproductive endocrinology. Students will participate in the evaluation and treatment of patients with infertility, menopausal disorders, reproductive tract anomalies and disorders in sexual differentiation. They will participate in or observe various procedures and rotate through the andrology laboratory.
Director: Michael Thomas, MD

Refining Communication Techniques for Future Physicians – ICE Course #11 01 24
This is a three (3) month elective to reinforce doctor-patient, doctor-family communication techniques designed for the 4th year medical student nearing the end of their medical school training. Participants view one movie each week and participate in an asynchronous online discussion of the communications observed in the film. A reflective journal is also be kept. Students are filmed in four SP encounters that are then reviewed by other class members and faculty for feedback. Students work in small groups to write, film, and produce a short movie of a doctor-patient interaction highlighting the techniques they have learned.. Viewing of these will serve as the final student assessment for the course. Through these activities, students will increase their understanding of communication techniques; and via self-observation and reflection increase the diversity of communication techniques they can employ to foster effective provider-patient, provider-family, and even team relationships.
Director: Amy M. Thompson, MD

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology – Course #110131
An outpatient, inpatient, and operating room experience involving the medical and surgical care of children, adolescents, and young adults with gynecologic concerns. Responsibilities will include direct patient care in the outpatient clinic and hospital setting, serving as a sub-specialty consultant, and participation in office procedures and surgery.
Director: Holly R. Hoefgen, MD

OB Laborist – ICE Course #11 01 32
4th year students will spend two weeks working with the St. Elizabeth Hospital (Edgewood, Kentucky) Laborist Team. They assist with management of laboring patients, cesarean sections, workup of obstetric patients in triage & postpartum rounds as necessary.
Director: Amy M. Thompson, MD

Family Planning/Contraception Elective – ICE Course #110134
learn family planning and contraceptive techniques at Cincinnati Planned Parenthood, Women's Med Center, and the Cincinnati Health Department. Students explore legal and ethical issues related to family planning decisions. Students also explore social issues related to family planning choices.
Director: Amy M. Thompson, MD

Female Pelvic Med Reconstructive Surgery – ICE Course #110136
Participating students work in the outpatient and inpatient clinics for this subspecialty of OB/Gyn and Urology. The focus is on the surgical and non-surgical management of patients with pelvic floor disorders. These include Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Incontinence, and Pelvic Pain.
Director: Aparna D. Shah, MD

Gynecologic Oncology – ICE Course #11 01 44
An inpatient and outpatient experience involving medical and surgical care of women with gynecologic cancers. Responsibilities will include direct patient care, OR participation, and specialty clinics. Educational opportunities will also include chemotherapy education and relevant clinical trials.
Director: Eric L. Eisenhauer, MD
Co-Director: Amanda Jackson, MD

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