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Computational Neuromodulation Lab


The computational neuromodulation lab led by Dr. Ishita Basu uses modeling and signal processing techniques to study brain signals recorded invasively as well as non-invasively from human subjects to study the neural basis of cognitive functions and design innovative neuromodulation techniques to improve such functionality in individuals with mental illness. Specifically, we use time frequency decomposition of brain signals and biophysical modeling techniques to characterize how cognitive stimuli or electrical stimulation impact the brain and behavior to advance the knowledge of decision making and design therapeutic neuromodulation strategies to improve such faculties in mood and anxiety disorders.


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NIH/NIMH 1 R21 MH127009-01A1


A neural population model-based characterization and modulation of neural oscillations underlying cognitive control in healthy and depressed/anxious human subjects

The overall objective of this project is to characterize and model cortical oscillations underlying the conflict resolution aspect of cognitive control in healthy and anxious/depressed human subjects to inform the design of neuromodulation interventions

KL2 Research Scholars career development program


Developing an EEG probe for studying cognitive control in post stroke depression

This career development project aims at studying neural correlates of cognitive control in healthy and post stroke depressive (PSD) states and assess neuromodulatory effects of transcranial and transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation on cognitive control and associated neural oscillations in PSD.


Dr John Paul Sheehy, Neurosurgery

Dr Paula Sheer, Psychology

Dr Awosika Oluwole, Neurology

Dr Francisco Romo-Nava, Psychiatry

Dr David Fleck, Psychiatry

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