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Photo of  George R. Jewell, PhD,ABPP-CN

George R. Jewell, PhD,ABPP-CN

Staff Psychologist

Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Doctoral Fellowship: University of Oklahoma (Neuropsychology)
  • Doctoral Degree: University of Alabama (Medical/Clinical Psychology)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Bemedji State University (Psychology)
  • Fellowship: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (Clinical Neuropsychology)
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Professional Psychology (Certification Date: 2009-11-06)


Clinical Neuropsychology

Contact Information
Research Interests

Cerebrovascular, memory disorders, traumatic brain injury and brain tumors. 

Clinical Interests

Cognitive Disorders

Mood Disorders


Alzheimer's Disease

Concussion in Athletes


Early Anset Dementia

Epilepsy-Related Cognitive Dysfunction

Lewy Body Dementia

Memory Disorders

Posterior Cortical Atrophy

Peer Reviewed Publications

English, Brett A; Jewell, Michele; Jewell, George; Ambrose, Sandra; Davis, Lori L 2006. Treatment of chronic posttraumatic stress disorder in combat veterans with citalopram: an open trial. Journal of clinical psychopharmacology, 26 1, 84-8

Mennemeier, Mark; Pierce, Christopher A; Chatterjee, Anjan; Anderson, Britt; Jewell, George; Dowler, Rachael; Woods, Adam J; Glenn, Tannahill; Mark, Victor W 2005. Biases in attentional orientation and magnitude estimation explain crossover: neglect is a disorder of both. Journal of cognitive neuroscience, 17 8, 1194-211

Pierce, Christopher A; Jewell, George; Mennemeier, Mark 2003. Are psychophysical functions derived from line bisection reliable? Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS, 9 1, 72-8

Mennemeier, Mark; Vezey, Elsie; Lamar, Melissa; Jewell, George 2002. Crossover is not a consequence of neglect: a test of the orientation/estimation hypothesis. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society : JINS, 8 1, 107-14

Jewell, G; McCourt, M E 2000. Pseudoneglect: a review and meta-analysis of performance factors in line bisection tasks. Neuropsychologia, 38 1, 93-110

McCourt, M E; Jewell, G 1999. Visuospatial attention in line bisection: stimulus modulation of pseudoneglect. Neuropsychologia, 37 7, 843-55