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FACScalibur/Flow Cytometry Core

A FACSCalibur four color flow cytometer system is available for use by researchers. The instrument is available seven days a week 24 hours per day in CARE 2876.

For access to the instrument and the online calendar, please contact Dr. Miller.

Standard use of the FACSCalibur
20.00 per half hour
FACSCalibur Four Color Flow Cytometer

The FACSCalibur is configured as follows:

  • FL1 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 515-545nm Emission Filter (FITC, GFP, etc.)
  • FL2 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 564-601nm Emission Filter (PE, PI, RFP, etc.)
  • FL3 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 670LP Emission Filter (7-AAD, PerCP, etc)
  • FL4 Channel - Red Laser (635nm) and 653-669nm Emission Filter (APC, Cy5, etc.)
It is running the BS CellQuest Pro Software.

The instrument is available on a first-come, first serve basis. Once given permission to use the equipment researchers can sign up online to reserve their time on the machine. 


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