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UC Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Core supports a Beckman CytoFLEX S with 9 detectors and 4 lasers in CARE 2874 and a FACSCalibur 4 color flow cytometer system in CARE 2876.  Access is available 24 hrs a day and 7 days per week once investigators are registered in Stratocore and approved by the core director.

To book equipment and/or access services from the Flow Core, please login or create an account in Stratocore at

For access to the instruments and the online calendar, please contact Dr. Miller.

CytoFLEX S System Access (4 laser, 9 color)
$20 per half hour
FACSCalibur System access (2 Laser, 4 color)
$20 per half hour
FACSCalibur Four Color Flow Cytometer

The FACSCalibur is configured as follows:

  • FL1 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 515-545nm Emission Filter (FITC, GFP, etc.)
  • FL2 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 564-601nm Emission Filter (PE, PI, RFP, etc.)
  • FL3 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 670LP Emission Filter (7-AAD, PerCP, etc)
  • FL4 Channel - Red Laser (635nm) and 653-669nm Emission Filter (APC, Cy5, etc.)
It is running the BS CellQuest Pro Software.

Beckman CytoFLEX S V2-B2-Y3-R2 Flow Cytometer (9 Detectors, 4 Lasers)

Here are the channels currently configured (in bold) the ones in italics can be utilized by repositioning the filters, which is relatively easy to do.
CytoFLEX (4 laser, 9 color)
Violet Laser (405nm)                               Emmision Filter
PB450 (PacBlue, eFluor450)                           450/45
KO525 (Krome Orange, Zombie Aqua)           525/40
BV605                                                              610/20
BV650                                                              660/20
BV786                                                              780/60
Blue Laser (488nm)
FITC (GFP, Alexa488, Venus)                           525/40
PerCP (PC5, PC5.5)                                         690/50
Yellow/Green Laser (561nm)
PE (PI, Sytox Orange, DsRed, TdTomato)       585/42
ECD (mCherry, Texas Red)                              610/20
PC7                                                                   780/60
PC5                                                                   690/50
Red Laser (638nm)
APC (AlexaFluor 647, eFluor660)                    660/10
APC-A750 (APC-Cy7, APC eFluor780             780/60
APC-A700 (AlexaFluor 700)      


CARE 2874-2876
213 Albert Sabin Way

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