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Photo of Suman Pradhan

Suman Pradhan

Research Associate

Postdoctoral Fellow

Molecular & Cellular Biosciences | College of Medicine

Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Karve, Sayali S; Pradhan, Suman; Ward, Doyle V; Weiss, Alison A 2017. Intestinal organoids model human responses to infection by commensal and Shiga toxin producing Escherichia coli. PloS one, 12 6, e0178966

Pellino, Christine A; Karve, Sayali S; Pradhan, Suman; Weiss, Alison A 2016. AB5 Preassembly Is Not Required for Shiga Toxin Activity. Journal of bacteriology, 198 11, 1621-1630

Pradhan, Suman; Pellino, Christine; MacMaster, Kayleigh; Coyle, Dennis; Weiss, Alison A 2016. Shiga Toxin Mediated Neurologic Changes in Murine Model of Disease. Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, 6 , 114