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Photo of George D. Leikauf, PhD

George D. Leikauf, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Jacob G. Schmidlapp Endowed Chair & Professor

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Graduate Fellowship: New York University (Environmental Health Sciences)
  • PhD: New York University (Environmental Health Sciences)
  • MS: New York University (Environmental Health Sciences)
  • AB: University of California, Berkeley (Biological Sciences)
Contact Information
Research Interests

The goals of my research are as follows: to better understand the role of airway epithelium in irritant induced bronchial hyperresponsiveness; to examine the release of specific lipid mediators from epithelial cells following exposure to ozone; to examine the effects of low molecular weight aldehydes on pulmonary function;to measure the expression of genes encoding for key enzymes controlling theproduction of such mediators and the infiltration of cells during nonimmunologic airway hyperreactivity; to exa...