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Photo of Ameet A. Chimote

Ameet A. Chimote

Research Scientist

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Master's Degree: Nagpur University
  • Master's Degree: Wright State University
  • Doctoral Degree: Wright State University
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Univsrsity of Cincinnati
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Chimote, Ameet A; Gawali, Vaibhavkumar S; Newton, Hannah S; Wise-Draper, Trisha M; Conforti, Laura 2020. A Compartmentalized Reduction in Membrane-Proximal Calmodulin Reduces the Immune Surveillance Capabilities of CD8+ T Cells in Head and Neck Cancer. Frontiers in pharmacology, 11 , 143

Khodoun, Marat; Chimote, Ameet A; Ilyas, Farhan Z; Duncan, Heather J; Moncrieffe, Halima; Kant, K Shashi; Conforti, Laura 2020. Targeted knockdown of Kv1.3 channels in T lymphocytes corrects the disease manifestations associated with systemic lupus erythematosus. Science advances, 6 47,

Newton, Hannah S; Gawali, Vaibhavkumar S; Chimote, Ameet A; Lehn, Maria A; Palackdharry, Sarah M; Hinrichs, Benjamin H; Jandarov, Roman; Hildeman, David; Janssen, Edith M; Wise-Draper, Trisha M; Conforti, Laura 2020. PD1 blockade enhances K+ channel activity, Ca2+ signaling, and migratory ability in cytotoxic T lymphocytes of patients with head and neck cancer. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 8 2,

Chimote, Ameet A; Balajthy, Andras; Arnold, Michael J; Newton, Hannah S; Hajdu, Peter; Qualtieri, Julianne; Wise-Draper, Trisha; Conforti, Laura 2018. A defect in KCa3.1 channel activity limits the ability of CD8+ T cells from cancer patients to infiltrate an adenosine-rich microenvironment. Science signaling, 11 527,

Chimote, Ameet A; Hajdu, Peter; Sfyris, Alexandros M; Gleich, Brittany N; Wise-Draper, Trisha; Casper, Keith A; Conforti, Laura 2017. Kv1.3 Channels Mark Functionally Competent CD8+ Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Head and Neck Cancer. Cancer research, 77 1, 53-61

Chimote, Ameet A; Hajdu, Peter; Kottyan, Leah C; Harley, John B; Yun, Yeoheung; Conforti, Laura 2016. Nanovesicle-targeted Kv1.3 knockdown in memory T cells suppresses CD40L expression and memory phenotype. Journal of autoimmunity, 69 , 86-93

Hajdu, Peter; Martin, Geoffrey V; Chimote, Ameet A; Szilagyi, Orsolya; Takimoto, Koichi; Conforti, Laura 2015. The C-terminus SH3-binding domain of Kv1.3 is required for the actin-mediated immobilization of the channel via cortactin. Molecular biology of the cell, 26 9, 1640-51

Chimote, Ameet A; Hajdu, Peter; Kucher, Vladimir; Boiko, Nina; Kuras, Zerrin; Szilagyi, Orsolya; Yun, Yeo-Heung; Conforti, Laura 2013. Selective inhibition of KCa3.1 channels mediates adenosine regulation of the motility of human T cells. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 191 12, 6273-80

Hajdu, P├ęter; Chimote, Ameet A; Thompson, Tyler H; Koo, Youngmi; Yun, Yeoheung; Conforti, Laura 2013. Functionalized liposomes loaded with siRNAs targeting ion channels in effector memory T cells as a potential therapy for autoimmunity. Biomaterials, 34 38, 10249-57

Chimote, Ameet A; Kuras, Zerrin; Conforti, Laura 2012. Disruption of kv1.3 channel forward vesicular trafficking by hypoxia in human T lymphocytes. The Journal of biological chemistry, 287 3, 2055-67

Kuras, Zerrin; Kucher, Vladimir; Gordon, Scott M; Neumeier, Lisa; Chimote, Ameet A; Filipovich, Alexandra H; Conforti, Laura 2012. Modulation of Kv1.3 channels by protein kinase A I in T lymphocytes is mediated by the disc large 1-tyrosine kinase Lck complex. American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 302 10, C1504-12

Kuras, Zerrin; Yun, Yeo-Heung; Chimote, Ameet A; Neumeier, Lisa; Conforti, Laura 2012. KCa3.1 and TRPM7 channels at the uropod regulate migration of activated human T cells. PloS one, 7 8, e43859

Chimote, Ameet A; Adragna, Norma C; Lauf, Peter K 2010. Ion transport in a human lens epithelial cell line exposed to hyposmotic and apoptotic stress. Journal of cellular physiology, 223 1, 110-22

Lauf, Peter K; Chimote, Ameet A; Adragna, Norma C 2008. Lithium fluxes indicate presence of Na-Cl cotransport (NCC) in human lens epithelial cells. Cellular physiology and biochemistry : international journal of experimental cellular physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, 21 5-6, 335-46

Lauf, Peter K; Misri, Sandeep; Chimote, Ameet A; Adragna, Norma C 2008. Apparent intermediate K conductance channel hyposmotic activation in human lens epithelial cells. American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 294 3, C820-32

Misri, Sandeep; Chimote, Ameet A; Adragna, Norma C; Warwar, Ronald; Brown, Thomas L; Lauf, Peter K 2006. KCC isoforms in a human lens epithelial cell line (B3) and lens tissue extracts. Experimental eye research, 83 5, 1287-94