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Photo of  Charuhas V. Thakar, MD

Charuhas V. Thakar, MD

Volunteer Professor

Division Chief Nephrology and Hypertension; Robert G Luke, MD Endowed Chair in Nephrology

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Executive Education Course: Harvard Business School (Managing Health Care Delivery)
  • Research Scholar : The Clevland Clinic Foundation
  • Fellowship : The Cleveland Clinic (Nephrology & Hypertension)
  • Residency : Yale University (Internal Medicine )
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Internal Medicine (Nephrology) (Certification Date: 2002-11-06)

Contact Information
Research Interests

Epidemiology of Acute Renal Failure, Biomarkers of Kidney Injury and Progression of Kidney Disease

Clinical Interests


Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Acute Renal failure (Acute kidney failure)

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Abstract Publications

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