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Photo of Kalyani Ananthamohan

Kalyani Ananthamohan

Post Doc Fellow

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • PhD: Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai (Genetic and Molecular pathogenesis of essential hypertension)
  • M.Sc: Bharathiar University (Biotechnology)
  • PG Diploma: Bharathiar University (Advanced Life Sciences)
  • B.Sc: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture and Research Institute (Agriculture)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Dr. Ananthamohan's research expertise mainly focused on understanding the role of post-transcriptional gene regulation by microRNAs and ultimately translate the discoveries to develop potential diagnosis and therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases. Her long-term aspiration is to emerge as a prominent researcher in the field of molecular cardiology within a renowned U.S. university.
Her current research focus in Dr. Sadayappan's lab is to define the role of miRNAs in regulation of sacromeri...

Peer Reviewed Publications

Subramanian L.; Maghajothi S.; Singh M.; Kesh K.; Kalyani A.; Sharma S.; Khullar M.; Victor S.M.; Swarnakar S.; Asthana S.; Mullasari A.S.; Mahapatra N.R. 12-01-2019. A common tag nucleotide variant in MMP7 promoter increases risk for hypertension via enhanced intera Hypertension, 74 6, 1448-1459

Sonawane P.; Gupta V.; Sasi B.; Kalyani A.; Natarajan B.; Khan A.; Sahu B.; Mahapatra N. 11-11-2014. Transcriptional regulation of the novel monoamine oxidase renalase: Crucial roles of transcription f Biochemistry, 53 44, 6878-6892

Kalyani A.; Sonawane P.J.; Khan A.A.; Subramanian L.; Ehret G.B.; Mullasari A.S.; Mahapatra N.R. 08-14-2015. Post-Transcriptional Regulation of Renalase Gene by MIR-29 and MIR-146 MicroRNAs: Implications for C Journal of Molecular Biology, 427 16, 2629-2646

Khan A.A.; Agarwal H.; Santosh Reddy S.; Arige V.; Natarajan B.; Gupta V.; Kalyani A.; Barthwal M.K.; Mahapatra N.R. 05-01-2020. MicroRNA 27a Is a key modulator of cholesterol biosynthesis Molecular and Cellular Biology, 40 9,

Arige V.; Agarwal A.; Khan A.A.; Kalyani A.; Natarajan B.; Gupta V.; Reddy S.S.; Barthwal M.K.; Mahapatra N.R. 03-15-2019. Regulation of Monoamine Oxidase B Gene Expression: Key Roles for Transcription Factors Sp1, Egr1 and Journal of Molecular Biology, 431 6, 1127-1147