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DEPHS Genomics Core Directions (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I submit my samples?
Do you have any suggestions for sample preparation?
My total RNA samples are degraded and I do not have replacement samples. Can you still use them to perform RNA-seq and miRNA-seq?
Which kit would you recommend for total RNA extraction?
Why are my RNA samples extracted from blood and other tissues degraded even when I flash-frozen them in liquid nitrogen and stored them in -80C freezer?
Will genomic DNA contamination affect my RNA-seq data quality?
In regard to your routine polyA RNA-seq, how much total RNA should I submit, what should the concentration be, and what should the quality be?
Can you give me an exact sequencing turnaround time?

Bioinformatics analysis

I want to compare my two groups. How should I specify this?
What can I expect from the bioinformatics analysis?
What are your preferred payment methods?
How will you adjust your service rate?

Supporting letter, publication, collaboration and method development

Do you provide support for grant and manuscript writing?
How about collaboration?
Are you interested in method development?
I noticed you changed your address?

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