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Trainees and faculty have developed videos to address health and safety concerns for firefighters and home healthcare workers. These short videos provide recommendations and best practices to many of the potential risk factors in these two professions. Each video is 3 to 5 minutes long, covering a short summary of the problem, an interview with workers (testimonials), and description of interventions or procedures that could reduce the exposures.


Inhalation of Particulates from Fire
In collaboration with the Center of Environmental Genetics Community Outreach and Engagement Core, a safety video was developed to warn about the common exposures for firefighters that can lead to cancer.

Heat Stress
The impact of heat stress for firefighters can be devastating but completely preventable. The video provides the background for heat stress and ways to prevent it.

Noise Exposure
Exposures to high noise levels are frequent for firefighters and lead to many of the firefighters losing their hearing later in life. The video provides a synopsis of the problem and several potential protective solutions.

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