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Center for Health Related Aerosol Studies

The primary focus of the Center is in the followings areas:

  1. Fundamental and applied research on the sampling and analysis of airborne particles and microorganisms in ambient and indoor environments.
  2. Aerosol aspects of biodefense and counterterrorism research.
  3. Characterization of physical and biological aspects of bioaerosols: generation, airborne transport, microbial survival, collection, identification, and enumeration.
  4. Development and evaluation of aerosol and bioaerosol measurement devices, air purifying and respiratory protection techniques.
  5. Stationary and personal monitoring for biological and non-biological particulates (respirable, thoracic, and inhalable) in residential and occupational environments.
  6. Study of relationships between aerosol exposure and health effects.
  7. Development of new methods for cleaning surfaces contaminated with radioactive particles in nuclear settings.
  8. Special research topics related to respiratory protection against coronavirus during COVID-19.
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Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences

Center for Health Related Aerosol Studies
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