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UC Department of Dermatology Clinical Research Program

The UC Department of Dermatology Clinical Research Program is dedicated to conducting high quality and accurate clinical research in dermatologic disorders, to lead to improved disease control and quality of life for those affected by dermatologic disorders. The Dermatology Clinical Research was founded by Dr. Debra Breneman in 1986, and has conducted carefully monitored clinical research trials for over thirty years. Under the co-directorship of Dr. Breneman and Dr. Alan Fleischer, the Dermatology Clinical Research Center continues to design and conduct clinical trials evaluating novel treatments, as well as evaluating marketed and over-the-counter treatments for new dermatologic indications. In addition, the Clinical Research Center works in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati Department of Dermatology Basic Sciences Laboratories to facilitate the development of new and unique dermatologic products. New studies begin regularly.

Dermatology clinical trials are conducted on the fifth floor of the UC Health Medical Arts Building. Administrative support and monitoring facilities are located on the first floor in the adjacent and connected University of Cincinnati Medical Sciences Building, within the UC Department of Dermatology suite of offices and basic sciences laboratories. In addition to conducting industry-sponsored clinical trials, the Dermatology Clinical Research Center conducts many investigator-initiated trials.


The mission of the Department of Dermatology Clinical Research Division is to actively contribute to the advancement of new therapeutical treatments for a diversity of dermatological conditions. There is an unmet need for new therapies that would alleviate itch, inflammation and pain that are commonly associated to several skin diseases. These symptoms can cause a tremendous financial and emotional burden to patients. Studies in partnership with pharmaceutical companies will help evaluate efficacy and safety of new developing drugs. Our clinical trials are targeting common and rare diseases that significantly impact patients' quality of life. Our dermatologists have extensive experience in clinical trials and are also training the next generation of great clinical researchers.

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