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The Adult cardiothoracic anesthesia fellowship involves six months of clinical activity in the cardiac operating rooms providing anesthesia for adult patients undergoing valve repair or replacement and myocardial revascularization procedures, aortic surgery with or without cardiopulmonary bypass.

The fellow will provide anesthetic management for patients undergoing minimally invasive cardiac surgery and for congenital cardiac procedures performed on adult patients. The fellow will gain sufficient experience to independently manage intra-aortic/balloon counter pulsation. The fellow will be actively involved in the management of patients with left ventricular assist devices.

Additional experience will include anesthetic management of patients undergoing noncardiac thoracic surgery and the anesthetic management of adult patient undergoing surgery on the ascending or descending thoracic aorta requiring full CPB, left heart bypass and/or deep hypothermic circulatory arrest.

The fellow will have experience in the anesthetic management of adult patients for cardiac pacemaker and automatic implantable cardiac defibrillator placement, surgical treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac catheterization and cardiac electrophysiological diagnostic/therapeutic procedures.

Advanced perioperative echocardiography education will be provided according to the training objectives from the American Society of Echocardiography and the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists “Guidelines for Training in Perioperative Echocardiography.” This will include the study of perioperative echocardiographic examinations, at least some of which are comprehensive intraoperative TEE examinations personally performed, interpreted and reported by the fellow.

The fellow will have a one-month experience managing adult cardiothoracic surgical patients in a critical care (ICU) setting which will include management of nonsurgical cardiothoracic patients.

Research is encouraged but is not a mandatory requirement for this fellowship. Each fellow may select an area of interest and design and develop a basic science or clinical study project in the area of cardiothoracic management. The project should be discussed with a cardiothoracic faculty member and submitted to the Research Committee, at least three months prior to the proposed start date of the study. Each project should have a staff advisor and co-investigator to provide guidance in design and development of the project. 

Fellows may also participate in department’s ongoing clinical and basic science research. The fellow will perform under the direct supervision of the staff anesthesiologists assigned to the cardiothoracic anesthesia service. 

The fellow will assist in the teaching and supervision of anesthesia residents who are assigned to the service. 

Benu Makkad, MD
Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellowship Director

Ashley Stavermann
Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 513-584-0909
Fax: 513-584-4003

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