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Paul Samuels

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Matveevskii, Alexander; Moore, David L; Samuels, Paul J 2012. Competency and professionalism in medicine. The clinical teacher, 9 2, 75-9

Shankar, Roopa Kanakatti; Rutter, Michael J; Chernausek, Steven D; Samuels, Paul J; Mo, Jun Qin; Rutter, Meilan M 2012. Medullary thyroid cancer in a 9-week-old infant with familial MEN 2B: Implications for timing of prophylactic thyroidectomy. International journal of pediatric endocrinology, 2012 1, 25

Hoffmann, Clifford O; Samuels, Paul J; Beckman, Eileen; Hein, Elizabeth A; Shackleford, T Michael; Overbey, Evelyn; Berlin, Richard E; Wang, Yu; Nick, Todd G; Gunter, Joel B 2010. Insufflation vs intubation during esophagogastroduodenoscopy in children. Paediatric anaesthesia, 20 9, 821-30

K├Ânig, Matthias W; Varughese, Anna M; Brennen, Kathleen A; Barclay, Sean; Shackleford, T Michael; Samuels, Paul J; Gorman, Kristin; Ellis, Jillian; Wang, Yu; Nick, Todd G 2009. Quality of recovery from two types of general anesthesia for ambulatory dental surgery in children: a double-blind, randomized trial. Paediatric anaesthesia, 19 8, 748-55

Wootten, Christopher T; Rutter, Michael J; Dickson, John M; Samuels, Paul J 2009. Anesthetic management of patients with tracheal T-tubes. Paediatric anaesthesia, 19 4, 349-57

Samuels, Paul J 2006. Anesthesia for adolescent bariatric surgery. International anesthesiology clinics, 44 1, 17-31

Samuels, P J; Striker, T W 1999. Spurious diagnosis of a cervical mass due to a laryngeal mask airway. International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology, 48 3, 265-6

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