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Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination (CRTEC): Making Connections

Aug 22, 2023, 16:43 PM by Nyla Sauter

With hundreds of independent investigations spread across three institutions, one of the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center’s greatest challenges — and greatest opportunities — is connecting researchers, clinicians and labs so they can combine efforts and achieve cancer breakthroughs faster. To do this, the Cancer Center hosts multiple types of academic gatherings and regularly communicates with its over 200 members. Cancer Center programming in 2022 included multiple formats: 

Speaker gives a talk at the 2022 Charge Against Cancer event.
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Symposiums: Larger, professional-oriented events for cancer researchers and physicians, featuring expert presentations, research findings and best practices. 
  • Retreats: Off-site events to share progress and insights on initial research that isn’t public yet. 
  • Seminar Series: Twice-monthly seminars focused on cancer research and clinical care to keep members engaged and spur collaborations between retreats. 
  • Program Meetings, Intra-Programmatic Working Groups and Transdisciplinary Working Groups: Internal meetings typically limited to Cancer Center members focused on one research program or specific topic to ignite collaboration between researchers working in the same area. 
  • Community Education: Fairs, events, and outreach to educate the community on cancer, risk factors, and actions they can take to improve their health. 
 Event Type  Date 

Community Conversations on Cancer — Cancer Survivorship: Navigating Health Challenges After Treatment 

 Community  2/9/22

Multidisciplinary Management of Gastrointestinal Cancers 

 CME  2/12/22

Cancer Screening & Prevention Community Health Fair 

 Community  2/19/22

Challenges in Cancer Survivorship Care 

 CME  4/30/22

Cancer Research Retreat 

 Retreat  5/7/22

Cancer Research Seminar Series (monthly, starting 5/20/22) 

 Seminar  5/20/22

Community Conversations on Cancer — Adopting Exercise to Combat Cancer-Related Fatigue 

 Community  6/22/22

Dialogue Circles: The Value of COE to Busy Basic Science, Clinical & Population Health Researchers 

 Seminar  7/14/22

Cancer Screening & Prevention Community Health Fair 

 Community  7/16/22

Updates on Hematology & Oncology 

 CME  7/23/22

Dialogue Circles: Critical COE Skills for the Newly Engaged 

 Seminar  7/28/22

Dialogue Circles: Best Practices for Giving Research Talks to Spur Outreach Discussions 

 Seminar  8/11/22

Dialogue Circles: Collaborative Design for Mutual Researcher-Community Benefit 

 Seminar  8/18/22

Charge Against Cancer: Defeating Cancer in Cincinnati Through Prevention, Education & Youth Athletics 

 Retreat  8/26/22

Reduce Your Risk Health Fair 

 Community  9/29/22

Community Conversation on Cancer — Resilience and Legacy 

 Community  9/29/22

Subcellular Dynamics in Cancer 

 Symposium  10/14/22

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day 

 Community  10/19/22

Scientific Executive Committee Retreat 

 Retreat  11/4/22

Donald Shumrick Head & Neck Cancer Lecture 

 CME  11/12/22

Clinical Topics on Cancer Seminar Series (monthly, starting 12/9/22) 

 Seminar  12/9/22