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Exam Master

Exam Master Q-bank is available to all College of Medicine students free of charge through the Health Sciences Library website. Exam Master is a bank of practice questions designed to help students self-assess and apply their medical knowledge.

The “Medical Subject Review” category is a bank of questions geared toward first- and second-year students to help them study the curriculum content areas. The “Medical Certification” category is geared toward third-year students studying for NBME shelf exams.

The “USMLE” category is geared toward students studying for Steps 1, 2CK, and 3 of the board exams. All practice questions are written in the style of the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). 

Lending Library

The Academic Support Lending Library is a collection of text, reference and review books to supplement medical students’ study materials. The collection includes a variety of USMLE review books as well as books to help students prepare for third-year NBME “Shelf” exams. The Lending Library is located in the Student Affairs suite in Room E-152. Students are asked to sign materials out and to return them at their convenience. 

Comprehensive Basic Science Exam (CBSE)

The Department of Medical Education administers the CBSE, free of charge, to all second-year students near the end of April in preparation for their dedicated study period for the USMLE Step 1. 
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