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Digital Signage Requests for the College of Medicine

The College of Medicine recognizes the need for faculty, staff and students to communicate college-related information via the college’s digital signage. The proper procedures for making digital signage requests are outlined below. Please submit your request using the Promotions Request Form.

The College of Medicine reserves the right to refuse any material that does not support the goals and objectives of the university and college.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage monitors are currently erected in the College of Medicine in the following locations:

  • CARE/Crawley Entrance
  • CARE/Crawley Subway restaurant
  • MSB Kresge Lobby
  • MSB Entrance to the cafeteria near Starbucks
  • MSB Tunnel to the Eden Avenue Garage
  • Reading Campus Administration Building
  • Vontz Center for Molecular Studies

Policies and Procedures

  • To request your information to appear on the college’s Digital Signage, please submit a fully completed Promotions Request Form. Approved material will be displayed on appropriate screens.
  • Artwork submitted must be in letter size portrait formatting either in JPG or PDF. All artwork must be compliant with UC branding standards.
  • There is a five-day review period for submissions. Unless notified of issues, expect to see your digital signage request up after the five-day review period. 
  • It is strongly encouraged that announcements are professionally designed. To have your announcement designed, please contact Suki Jeffrey, Art Director, UC Academic Health Center Public Relations, at 558-3622 or, who can provide guidance and a cost estimate.  The current charge is $60/hour.
  • Information deemed inappropriate will not be accepted and decisions concerning appropriateness are at the sole discretion of the College of Medicine.
  • The College of Medicine will generally not accept advertising for products or services outside the university.  Additionally, vendor promotional materials will generally not be accepted.
  • Announcements must pertain to programs or events associated with the university, Academic Health Center, College of Medicine and its affiliates.
  • Personal announcements, such as personal items for sale, will not be accepted.
    Alcohol will not be advertised except for special events which have received university alcohol approval.
  • The College of Medicine reserves the right to edit content, background, colors, etc. All material is subject to approval.

Digital Signage Artwork

Many digital signage screens have to be read from far away. Because of this, limit the text and detail on your artwork. Please only include (in at least 20pt font):

  • Organization Name
  • Event
  • Time
  • Location
  • Tag Line
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