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Photo of  Holly K. Pajor, DO

Holly K. Pajor, DO

Assistant Professor of Clinical

Associate Residency Program Director

Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation : Schwab Rehabilitation/University of Chicago
  • Internship Advocate: Illinois Masonic Medical Center
  • DO: Midwestern University/Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Bachelor of Arts: University of Colorado (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental biology)
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Certification Date: 2017-07-01)


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Contact Information

Clinical Interests

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Peer Reviewed Publications

Barkan, Dalit; Kleinman, Hynda; Simmons, Justin L; Asmussen, Holly; Kamaraju, Anil K; Hoenorhoff, Mark J; Liu, Zi-yao; Costes, Sylvain V; Cho, Edward H; Lockett, Stephen; Khanna, Chand; Chambers, Ann F; Green, Jeffrey E 2008. Inhibition of metastatic outgrowth from single dormant tumor cells by targeting the cytoskeleton. Cancer research, 68 15, 6241-50

Qian, Xiaolan; Li, Guorong; Asmussen, Holly K; Asnaghi, Laura; Vass, William C; Braverman, Richard; Yamada, Kenneth M; Popescu, Nicholas C; Papageorge, Alex G; Lowy, Douglas R 2007. Oncogenic inhibition by a deleted in liver cancer gene requires cooperation between tensin binding and Rho-specific GTPase-activating protein activities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104 21, 9012-7