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Kierra K. Ware

Affiliate or Student for Research

Graduate Student- Luo Lab

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Bedolla, Alicia M; McKinsey, Gabriel L; Ware, Kierra; Santander, Nicolas; Arnold, Thomas D; Luo, Yu 2024. A comparative evaluation of the strengths and potential caveats of the microglial inducible CreER mouse models. Cell reports, 43 1, 113660

Bedolla, Alicia; Mckinsey, Gabriel; Ware, Kierra; Santander, Nicolas; Arnold, Thomas; Luo, Yu 2023. Finding the right tool: a comprehensive evaluation of microglial inducible cre mouse models. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology, ,

Ware, Kierra; Wegman, Elliot; Bedolla, Alicia; Luo, Yu 2023. Major Caveats Discovered in the Genetic Cell Ablation Model Used to Study Microglia Functions. Translational stroke research, 14 2, 121-122

Wang, Jiapeng; Ware, Kierra; Bedolla, Alicia; Allgire, Emily; Turcato, Flavia Correa; Weed, Maxwell; Sah, Renu; Luo, Yu 2022. Disruption of Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Accelerates Age-Related Neurogenesis Decline and Abolishes Stroke-Induced Neurogenesis and Leads to Increased Anxiety Behavior in Stroke Mice. Translational stroke research, 13 5, 830-844