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Photo of  Frederick C. Ryckman, MD

Frederick C. Ryckman, MD

Emeritus Professor of Surgery; Sr. Vice President, Medical Operations, CCHMC

  • Pediatric Surgery Fellowship: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • General Surgery Residency: University of Florida
  • Medical Degree: University of Michigan
Contact Information
Research Interests

Pediatric Transplantation, Liver and Biliary Disease, ECMO, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Chest Wall Abnormalities

Peer Reviewed Publications

Walther, Ashley E; Coots, Abigail C; Goebel, Jens W; Alonso, Maria H; Ryckman, Frederick C; Tiao, Greg M; Nathan, Jaimie D 2015. Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy for the pediatric recipient population: Risk factors for adverse outcomes. Pediatric transplantation, 19 8, 836-43

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Toltzis, Philip; O'Riordan, Maryanne; Cunningham, Dennis J; Ryckman, Frederick C; Bracke, Tracey M; Olivea, Jason; Lyren, Anne 2014. A statewide collaborative to reduce pediatric surgical site infections. Pediatrics, 134 4, e1174-80

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Jensen, M Kyle; Campbell, Kathleen M; Alonso, Maria H; Nathan, Jaimie D; Ryckman, Frederick C; Tiao, Greg M 2013. Management and long-term consequences of portal vein thrombosis after liver transplantation in children. Liver transplantation : official publication of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the International Liver Transplantation Society, 19 3, 315-21

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