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Photo of  Agnes Luo, PHD

Agnes Luo, PHD


Vice Chair for Research

Molecular & Cellular Biosciences | College of Medicine

  • Research Fellow: National Institute of Drug Abuse, NIH
  • Post Doctoral Fellow: National Institute of Drug Abuse, NIH
  • Ph D: University of Rochester (Molecular Toxicology)
  • Bachelor of Science: Nanjing University (Environmental Biology)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Molecular Genetics, Neuroscience, Stroke, Regenerative Medicine, Animal Models of Neurological diseases. Neuroprotection and regeneration.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Bedolla, Alicia; Mckinsey, Gabriel; Ware, Kierra; Santander, Nicolas; Arnold, Thomas; Luo, Yu 2023. Finding the right tool: a comprehensive evaluation of microglial inducible cre mouse models. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology, ,

Bedolla, Alicia; Wegman, Elliot; Weed, Max; Paranjpe, Aditi; Alkhimovitch, Anastasia; Ifergan, Igal; McClain, Lucas; Luo, Yu 2023. Microglia-derived TGF-β1 ligand maintains microglia homeostasis via autocrine mechanism and is critical for normal cognitive function in adult mouse brain. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology, ,

Glotfelty, Elliot J; Hsueh, Shih-Chang; Claybourne, Quia; Bedolla, Alicia; Kopp, Katherine O; Wallace, Tonya; Zheng, Binhai; Luo, Yu; Karlsson, Tobias E; McDevitt, Ross A; Olson, Lars; Greig, Nigel H 2023. Microglial Nogo delays recovery following traumatic brain injury in mice. Glia, 71 10, 2473-2494

Bedolla, Alicia; Taranov, Aleksandr; Luo, Fucheng; Wang, Jiapeng; Turcato, Flavia; Fugate, Elizabeth M; Greig, Nigel H; Lindquist, Diana M; Crone, Steven A; Goto, June; Luo, Yu 2022. Diphtheria toxin induced but not CSF1R inhibitor mediated microglia ablation model leads to the loss of CSF/ventricular spaces in vivo that is independent of cytokine upregulation. Journal of neuroinflammation, 19 1, 3

Lecca, Daniela; Jung, Yoo Jin; Scerba, Michael T; Hwang, Inho; Kim, Yu Kyung; Kim, Sun; Modrow, Sydney; Tweedie, David; Hsueh, Shih-Chang; Liu, Dong; Luo, Weiming; Glotfelty, Elliot; Li, Yazhou; Wang, Jia-Yi; Luo, Yu; Hoffer, Barry J; Kim, Dong Seok; McDevitt, Ross A; Greig, Nigel H 2022. Role of chronic neuroinflammation in neuroplasticity and cognitive function: A hypothesis. Alzheimer and Dementia, ,

Luo, Fucheng; Wang, Jiapeng; Zhang, Zhen; You, Zhen; Bedolla, Alicia; Okwubido-Williams, FearGod; Huang, L Frank; Silver, Jerry; Luo, Yu 2022. Inhibition of CSPG receptor PTP? promotes migration of newly born neuroblasts, axonal sprouting, and recovery from stroke. Cell reports, 40 4, 111137

Turcato, Flavia Correa; Wegman, Elliot; Lu, Tao; Ferguson, Nathan; Luo, Yu 2022. Dopaminergic neurons are not a major Sonic hedgehog ligand source for striatal cholinergic or PV interneurons. iScience, 25 11, 105278

Wang, Jiapeng; Ware, Kierra; Bedolla, Alicia; Allgire, Emily; Turcato, Flavia Correa; Weed, Maxwell; Sah, Renu; Luo, Yu 2022. Disruption of Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Accelerates Age-Related Neurogenesis Decline and Abolishes Stroke-Induced Neurogenesis and Leads to Increased Anxiety Behavior in Stroke Mice. Translational stroke research, ,

Ware, Kierra; Wegman, Elliot; Bedolla, Alicia; Luo, Yu 2022. Major Caveats Discovered in the Genetic Cell Ablation Model Used to Study Microglia Functions. Translational stroke research, ,

Boyne, Pierce; Awosika, Oluwole O; Luo, Yu 2021. Mapping the corticoreticular pathway from cortex-wide anterograde axonal tracing in the mouse. Journal of neuroscience research, 99 12, 3392-3405

Gu, Yuning; Gao, Huiyun; Kim, Kihwan; Liu, Yuchi; Ramos-Estebanez, Ciro; Luo, Yu; Wang, Yunmei; Yu, Xin 2021. Dynamic oxygen-17 MRI with adaptive temporal resolution using golden-means-based 3D radial sampling. Magnetic resonance in medicine, 85 6, 3112-3124

Luo, Fucheng; Zhang, Zhen; Luo, Yu 2021. Differential Role of p53 in Oligodendrocyte Survival in Response to Various Stresses: Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis, Cuprizone Intoxication or White Matter Stroke. International journal of molecular sciences, 22 23,

Luo, Fucheng; Zhang, Zhen; Barnett, Austin; Bellinger, Tania J; Turcato, Flavia; Schmidt, Kelly; Luo, Yu 2020. Cuprizone-induced demyelination under physiological and post-stroke condition leads to decreased neurogenesis response in adult mouse brain. Experimental neurology, 326 , 113168

Glotfelty, Elliot J; Delgado, Thomas; Tovar-Y-Romo, Luis B; Luo, Yu; Hoffer, Barry; Olson, Lars; Karlsson, Tobias; Mattson, Mark P; Harvey, Brandon; Tweedie, David; Li, Yazhou; Greig, Nigel H 2019. Incretin Mimetics as Rational Candidates for the Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury. ACS pharmacology & translational science, 2 2, 66-91

Hu, Di; Sun, Xiaoyan; Liao, Xudong; Zhang, Xinwen; Zarabi, Sara; Schimmer, Aaron; Hong, Yuning; Ford, Christopher; Luo, Yu; Qi, Xin 2019. Alpha-synuclein suppresses mitochondrial protease ClpP to trigger mitochondrial oxidative damage and neurotoxicity. Acta neuropathologica, 137 6, 939-960

Flavia Turcato, Paul Kim, Austin Barnett, Yongming Jin, Mike Scerba, Anthony Casey, Warren Selman, Nigel H. Greig, and Yu Luo 2018. Sequential combined Treatment of Pifithrin-α and Posiphen Enhances Neurogenesis and Functional Recovery After Stroke Cell Transplantation, ,

Hsueh, Shih-Chang; Chen, Kai-Yun; Lai, Jing-Huei; Wu, Chung-Che; Yu, Yu-Wen; Luo, Yu; Hsieh, Tsung-Hsun; Chiang, Yung-Hsiao 2018. Voluntary Physical Exercise Improves Subsequent Motor and Cognitive Impairments in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease International journal of molecular sciences, 19 2,

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Jin, Yongming; Barnett, Austin; Zhang, Yifan; Yu, Xin; Luo, Yu 2017. Poststroke Sonic Hedgehog Agonist Treatment Improves Functional Recovery by Enhancing Neurogenesis and Angiogenesis Stroke, 48 6, 1636-1645

Kim, Dong Seok; Choi, Ho-Il; Wang, Yun; Luo, Yu; Hoffer, Barry J; Greig, Nigel H 2017. A New Treatment Strategy for Parkinson's Disease through the Gut-Brain Axis: The Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Pathway Cell transplantation, 26 9, 1560-1571

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