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Photo of  Winston Whei Yang Kao, PhD

Winston Whei Yang Kao, PhD


Ben and Louise Tate Professorship of Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology | College of Medicine

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Research Interests

Roles of Mesenchyme-Epithelium Interactions on Morphogenesis during Eye Development, And Homeostasis And Wound Healing in Adult Corneas The central hypothesis of our ongoing research is that the mesenchyme-epithelium interactions via signal transduction of growth factors and their receptors play pivotal roles in eye morphogenesis during development and in ocular homeostasis and wound healing in adults. Morphogenesis of cornea, conjunctiva and eyelids during vertebrate eye development involves themigrat...

Peer Reviewed Publications

Zhu, Ying-Ting; Tighe, Sean; Chen, Shuang-Ling; John, Thomas; Kao, Winston Y; Tseng, Scheffer C G 2015. Engineering of Human Corneal Endothelial Grafts. Current ophthalmology reports, 3 3, 207-217

Mongan, Maureen; Wang, Jingcai; Liu, Hongshan; Fan, Yunxia; Jin, Chang; Kao, Winston Y-W; Xia, Ying 2011. Loss of MAP3K1 enhances proliferation and apoptosis during retinal development. Development (Cambridge, England), 138 18, 4001-12