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Feni K. Kadakia

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Ford, Zachary K; Reker, Ashlie N; Chen, Sisi; Kadakia, Feni; Bunk, Alexander; Davidson, Steve 2021. Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Expression in Human Dorsal Root Ganglia and CB13-Induced Bidirectional Modulation of Sensory Neuron Activity. Frontiers in pain research (Lausanne, Switzerland), 2 , 721332

Lowe, Jeovanna; Kolkhof, Peter; Haupt, Michael J; Peczkowski, Kyra K; Rastogi, Neha; Hauck, J Spencer; Kadakia, Feni K; Zins, Jonathan G; Ciccone, Pierce C; Smart, Suzanne; Sandner, Peter; Raman, Subha V; Janssen, Paul M L; Rafael-Fortney, Jill A 2020. Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonism by finerenone is sufficient to improve function in preclinical muscular dystrophy. ESC heart failure, ,

Schutte, Stacey; Kadakia, Feni; Davidson, Steve 2020. Skin-Nerve Co-culture Systems for Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, ,

Tong, Dongyi; Godale, Christin M; Kadakia, Feni K; Gu, Zhiqing; Danzer, Cole S K; Alghamdi, Alaa; Zhao, Ping; Loepke, Andreas W; Danzer, Steve C 2019. Immature murine hippocampal neurones do not develop long-term structural changes after a single isoflurane exposure. British journal of anaesthesia, 123 6, 818-826

Lowe, Jeovanna; Floyd, Kyle T; Rastogi, Neha; Schultz, Eric J; Chadwick, Jessica A; Swager, Sarah A; Zins, Jonathan G; Kadakia, Feni K; Smart, Suzanne; Gomez-Sanchez, Elise P; Gomez-Sanchez, Celso E; Raman, Subha V; Janssen, Paul M L; Rafael-Fortney, Jill A 2016. Similar efficacy from specific and non-specific mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist treatment of muscular dystrophy mice. Journal of neuromuscular diseases, 3 3, 395-404

Chen, Sisi; Kadakia, Feni; Davidson, Steve . Group II metabotropic glutamate receptor expressing neurons in anterior cingulate cortex become sensitized after inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Molecular pain, 16 , 1744806920915339

Lowe, Jeovanna; Kadakia, Feni K; Zins, Jonathan G; Haupt, Michael; Peczkowski, Kyra K; Rastogi, Neha; Floyd, Kyle T; Gomez-Sanchez, Elise P; Gomez-Sanchez, Celso E; Elnakish, Mohammad T; Rafael-Fortney, Jill A; Janssen, Paul M L . Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonists in Muscular Dystrophy Mice During Aging and Exercise. Journal of neuromuscular diseases, 5 3, 295-306