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Photo of  Katherine Holland-Bouley, MD,PhD

Katherine Holland-Bouley, MD,PhD

Professor of Clinical-Affiliate

Pediatrics | College of Medicine

  • Medical Degree: Washington University
  • Doctoral Degree: Washington University (Pharmacology)
  • Internship: Boston Children's Hospital (Pediatrics)
  • Residency: St Louis Children's Hospital (Pediatric Neurology)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Mechanisms of Epileptogenisis

Peer Reviewed Publications

Arya, Ravindra; Tenney, Jeffrey R; Horn, Paul S; Greiner, Hansel M; Holland, Katherine D; Leach, James L; Gelfand, Michael J; Rozhkov, Leonid; Fujiwara, Hisako; Rose, Douglas F; Franz, David N; Mangano, Francesco T 2015. Long-term outcomes of resective epilepsy surgery after invasive presurgical evaluation in children with tuberous sclerosis complex and bilateral multiple lesions. Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics, 15 1, 26-33

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Jiang, Yifei; Pun, Raymund Y K; Peariso, Katrina; Holland, Katherine D; Lian, Qingquan; Danzer, Steve C 2015. Olfactory Bulbectomy Leads to the Development of Epilepsy in Mice. PloS one, 10 9, e0138178

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