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Photo of  Greg M. Harris, Ph.D.

Greg M. Harris, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

  • Ph.D.: University of South Carolina (Chemical Engineering)
  • B.S.: Iowa State University (Mechanical Engineering)
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Harris, Greg M; Madigan, Nicolas N; Lancaster, Karen Z; Enquist, Lynn W; Windebank, Anthony J; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Schwarzbauer, Jean E 2017. Nerve Guidance by a Decellularized Fibroblast Extracellular Matrix. Matrix biology : journal of the International Society for Matrix Biology, 60-61 , 176-189

Cheng, Qingsu; Harris, Greg M; Blais, Marc-Olivier; Rutledge, Katy; Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan 2014. Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes: An Approach to Modulate Cell Orientation and Asymmetry. Nano LIFE, 4 1,

Harris, Greg M; Piroli, Maria E; Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan 2014. Deconstructing the Effects of Matrix Elasticity and Geometry in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Lineage Commitment. Advanced functional materials, 24 16, 2396-2403

Pryzhkova, Marina V; Aria, Indrat; Cheng, Qingsu; Harris, Greg M; Zan, Xingjie; Gharib, Morteza; Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan 2014. Carbon nanotube-based substrates for modulation of human pluripotent stem cell fate. Biomaterials, 35 19, 5098-109

Rutledge, Katy; Cheng, Qingsu; Pryzhkova, Marina; Harris, Greg M; Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan 2014. Enhanced differentiation of human embryonic stem cells on extracellular matrix-containing osteomimetic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, 20 11, 865-74

Cheng, Qingsu; Blais, Marc-Olivier; Harris, Greg M; Harris, Greg; Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan 2013. PLGA-carbon nanotube conjugates for intercellular delivery of caspase-3 into osteosarcoma cells. PloS one, 8 12, e81947

Harris, Greg M; Rutledge, Katy; Cheng, Qingsu; Blanchette, James; Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan 2013. Strategies to direct angiogenesis within scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. Current pharmaceutical design, 19 19, 3456-65

Harris, Greg M; Shazly, Tarek; Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan 2013. Deciphering the combinatorial roles of geometric, mechanical, and adhesion cues in regulation of cell spreading. PloS one, 8 11, e81113

Pryzhkova, Marina V.; Harris, Greg M.; Ma, Shuguo; Jabbarzadeh, Ehsan 2013. Patterning Pluripotent Stem Cells at a Single Cell Level Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, 3 4, 461