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Nancy M. Daraiseh

Research Associate Professor-Affiliate

Pediatrics | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Wong, Chris I; Vannatta, Kathryn; Gilleland Marchak, Jordan; Quade, Emeric V; Rodgers, Isabelle M; Reid, Christine M; Dandoy, Christopher E; Billett, Amy L; Miller, Tamara P; Vaughn, Shelley; Daraiseh, Nancy M; Liu, Shanshan; Carle, Adam C; Walsh, Kathleen E 2023. Preventable harm because of outpatient medication errors among children with leukemia and lymphoma: A multisite longitudinal assessment. Cancer, ,

Daraiseh, N M; Black, A; Minar, P; Meisman, A; Saxe, M; Lipstein, E A 2022. iBDecide: A web-based tool to promote engagement in shared decision-making among adolescents with ulcerative colitis. Patient education and counseling, 105 6, 1628-1633

Matula, Kelly A; Minar, Philip; Daraiseh, Nancy M; Lin, Li; Recker, Marlee; Lipstein, Ellen A 2022. Pilot trial of iBDecide: Evaluating an online tool to facilitate shared decision making for adolescents and young adults with ulcerative colitis. Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy, 25 6, 3105-3113

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Hittle, Beverly M; Daraiseh, Nancy M 2021. Promoting Healthcare Worker Sleep: The Time Is Now. The Journal of nursing administration, 51 11, 543-545

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Sawhney, Payal Naresh; Davis, Linda Sue; Daraiseh, Nancy M; Belle, Lisa; Walsh, Kathleen E 2020. Barriers and Facilitators of Adverse Event Reporting by Adolescent Patients and Their Families. Journal of patient safety, 16 3, 232-237

Schondelmeyer, Amanda C; Daraiseh, Nancy M; Allison, Brittany; Acree, Cindi; Loechtenfeldt, Allison M; Timmons, Kristen M; Mangeot, Colleen; Brady, Patrick W 2019. Nurse Responses to Physiologic Monitor Alarms on a General Pediatric Unit. Journal of hospital medicine, 14 10, 602-606

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Daraiseh, Nancy M; Hoying, Cheryl L; Vidonish, William P; Lin, Li; Wagner, Michael 2016. Noise Exposure on Pediatric Inpatient Units. The Journal of nursing administration, 46 9, 468-76

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