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Photo of  Holly Bante, PhD, MPH

Holly Bante, PhD, MPH

Assoc VP for Research

Director, Conflict of Interest

  • PhD: Saint Louis University (Bioethics, Healthcare Ethics)
  • MPH: Saint Louis University (Community Health)
  • MS: Saint Louis University (Nutritional Sciences)
  • BA: Drake University (Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology)
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Dubois, James; Bante, Holly; Hadley, Whitney B 2011. Ethics in Psychiatric Research: A Review of 25 Years of NIH-funded Empirical Research Projects. AJOB primary research, 2 4, 5-17

Bante, Holly; Elliott, Michael; Harrod, Amanda; Haire-Joshu, Debra . The use of inappropriate feeding practices by rural parents and their effect on preschoolers' fruit and vegetable preferences and intake. Journal of nutrition education and behavior, 40 1, 28-33