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Photo of Rajiv B. Karani, MD

Rajiv B. Karani, MD

Clinical Instructor

PGY1 Resident in Urology

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Undergraduate Degree: University of Cincinnati
  • Medical Degree: University of Cincinnati
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Karani, Rajiv; Arada, Raphael B; Ayad, Maged; Xie, Lillian; Brevik, Andrew; Peta, Akhil; Jiang, Pengbo; Patel, Roshan M; Landman, Jaime; Clayman, Ralph V 2021. Evaluation of a Novel Female Gender Flexible Ureteroscope: Comparison of Flow and Deflection to a Standard Flexible Ureteroscope. Journal of endourology, 35 6, 840-846

Karani, Rajiv; Arada, Raphael B; Okhunov, Zhamshid; Tapiero, Shlomi; Landman, Jaime; Clayman, Ralph V 2021. Endoscopic Guided Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. Journal of endourology, 35 S2, S62-S67

Karani, Rajiv; Sung, John M; Xie, Lillian; Arada, Raphael B; Jefferson, Francis A; Parkhomenko, Egor; Lama, Daniel J; Lee, Sonia; Houshyar, Roozbeh; Lall, Chandana; Okhunov, Zhamshid; Jiang, Pengbo; Tapiero, Shlomi; Patel, Roshan M; Clayman, Ralph V; Landman, Jaime 2021. Comparison of Conventional and Triple Bolus Computerized Tomographic Urography Protocols for Radiation Dose Reduction in Hematuria Evaluation: A Randomized Controlled Trial. The Journal of urology, 205 6, 1740-1747

Karani, Rajiv; Tapiero, Shlomi; Jefferson, Francis A; Vernez, Simone; Xie, Lillian; Larson, Krista N; Osann, Kathryn; Okhunov, Zhamshid; Patel, Roshan M; Landman, Jaime; Clayman, Ralph V; Stephany, Heidi A 2021. Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Surgical Skills of Urology Resident Applicants: Four-Year Experience. Journal of surgical education, ,

Patel, Roshan M; Jiang, Pengbo; Karani, Rajiv; Phillips, Tarik; Arada, Raphael B; Xie, Lillian; Said, Hyder; Tapiero, Shlomi; Landman, Jaime; Farzaneh, Ted; Venkatesh, Ramakrishna; Clayman, Ralph V 2021. Analysis of Ureteral Diameter and Peristalsis in Response to Irrigant Fluid Temperature Changes in an In Vivo Porcine Model. Journal of endourology, 35 8, 1236-1243

Xie, Lillian; O'Leary, Mitchell; Jefferson, Francis A; Karani, Rajiv; Limfueco, Luke; Parkhomenko, Egor; Sung, John M; Patel, Roshan M; Ichii, Hirohito; Dafoe, Donald; Clayman, Ralph V; Landman, Jaime 2021. Interactive Virtual Reality Renal Models as an Educational and Preoperative Planning Tool for Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy. Urology, 153 , 192-198

Xie, Lillian; Tapiero, Shlomi; Flores, Alec R; Armas-Phan, Manuel; Limfueco, Luke; Karani, Rajiv; Jiang, Pengbo; Cobb, Kaitlan D; Sur, Roger L; Chi, Thomas; Landman, Jaime; Kaler, Kamaljot S; Clayman, Ralph V 2021. Long-Term Antibiotic Treatment Prior to Laparoscopic Nephrectomy for Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis Improves Postoperative Outcomes: Results from a Multicenter Study. The Journal of urology, 205 3, 820-825

Karani, Rajiv; Imani, Ghasem; Tapiero, Shlomi; Clayman, Ralph V 2020. Stone Culture Positive Veillonella in Analysis of Calcium-Based Stones: A Case Report. Journal of endourology case reports, 6 4, 396-398

Karani, Rajiv; Mahdy, Ayman; Asghar, Ferhan 2020. Postoperative Urinary Retention in Patients Who Undergo Joint Arthroplasty or Spine Surgery. JBJS reviews, 8 7, e18.00040

Sung, John M; Jefferson, Francis A; Tapiero, Shlomi; Patel, Roshan M; Owyong, Michael; Xie, Lillian; Karani, Rajiv; Ghamarian, Peter; Lall, Chandana; Clayman, Ralph V; Landman, Jaime 2020. Evaluation of a Diuresis Enhanced Non-Contrast Computed Tomography for Kidney Stones Protocol to Maximize Collecting System Distention. Journal of endourology, 34 3, 255-261

Tapiero, Shlomi; Karani, Rajiv; Limfueco, Luke; Xie, Lillian; Jefferson, Francis A; Reinwart, Clare; Okhunov, Zhamshid; Clayman, Ralph V; Landman, Jaime 2020. Evaluation of Interactive Virtual Reality as a Preoperative Aid in Localizing Renal Tumors. Journal of endourology, 34 11, 1180-1187

Jones, Shannon; Mann, Adrien; Worley, Mariah C; Fulford, Logan; Hall, David; Karani, Rajiv; Jiang, Min; Robbins, Nathan; Rubinstein, Jack; Koch, Sheryl E 2017. The role of transient receptor potential vanilloid 2 channel in cardiac aging. Aging clinical and experimental research, 29 5, 863-873

Koch, Sheryl E; Mann, Adrien; Jones, Shannon; Robbins, Nathan; Alkhattabi, Abdullah; Worley, Mariah C; Gao, Xu; Lasko-Roiniotis, Valerie M; Karani, Rajiv; Fulford, Logan; Jiang, Min; Nieman, Michelle; Lorenz, John N; Rubinstein, Jack 2017. Transient receptor potential vanilloid 2 function regulates cardiac hypertrophy via stretch-induced activation. Journal of hypertension, 35 3, 602-611

Naticchioni, Mindi; Karani, Rajiv; Smith, Margaret A; Onusko, Evan; Robbins, Nathan; Jiang, Min; Radzyukevich, Tatiana; Fulford, Logan; Gao, Xu; Apel, Ryan; Heiny, Judith; Rubinstein, Jack; Koch, Sheryl E 2015. Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 2 Regulates Myocardial Response to Exercise. PloS one, 10 9, e0136901