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Digital Design Services

Digital Design Services offers a broad range of capabilities to suit the multimedia needs of the College of Medicine. With a wide range of graphic design and multimedia experience, we can help you with everything from image editing to creation of animated and interactive learning tools.

Services Offered

  • Illustration
  • Image editing
  • Diagram creation
  • Animation
  • Interactive development
  • Video editing and creation
  • Video captioning
  • Audio Editing
  • Learning Module website creation



Examples of Our Work

Below is a one segment of a 2D animation series showing the growth of cartilage at the cellular level. This particular video utilizes 2D animation as well as photos from microscopic cross-sections to help students visualize the process.



Below is just one animation from a Reproductive Physiology module we created so that students could learn the content before coming to class, allowing more time for discussion. This series included a wide variety of 2D animations, diagrams, and illustrations for use.

See the whole site here:



This is a simple 3D animation used to show the expansion of the brain in the early stages of embryonic development.

The full 6-part module can be seen here:

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