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University of Cincinnati Brain Tumor Center

The University of Cincinnati Brain Tumor Center Research program is organized into Teams to enable a Discovery-to-Translation workflow. 

Research Pipelines

Research in the Brain Tumor Center covers the spectrum from mechanistic discovery to translational delivery.

BTC pipeline

BTC Research Expertise includes:

  • Cancer genome vulnerabilities and targeted therapeutics.
  • Tumor cell metabolism.
  • Immune-cancer cell interactions.
  • Tumor Modeling and Patient-derived xenografts.
  • Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR Imaging).
  • Brain vascularization and drug pharmacokinetics.

Research Teams

Team Members Mission Deliverable
BTC Technology TeamSoma Sengupta
Daniel Pomeranz Krummel
David Plas
Kevin Haworth
Ricardo Barrile
Andrew Steckl
  • Brain tumor drug delivery technology
  • 3D modeling of tumor dynamics and therapeutic responses
Glioma Team

Biplab Dasgupta
Pankaj Desai
Matthew Garrett
Daniel Pomeranz Krummel
Timothy Phoenix
David Plas
Xiaoyang Qi
Atsuo Sasaki
Soma Sengtupa
Andrew Steckl
Chenran Wang

  • Genetically engineered and patient-donated brain tumor model systems
  • Mechanistic target discovery
  • Rapid repurposing of FDA-approved therapeutics for brain tumor therapy
  • Metabolic inhibition of brain tumor growth
  • Pre-clinical experimental therapy development
Metastatic Brain Tumor Team

Daniel Pomeranz Krummel
Xiaoyang Qi
Atsuo Sasaki
Soma Sengupta
Chenran Wang

  • Multi-organ investigation of tumor metastasis risk and progression
  • Prevention of brain metastasis


To make an appointment or contact the Brain Tumor Center care team, visit the UC Brain Tumor Center at UCHealth.

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