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Photo of  Tiffany J. Grant, PhD

Tiffany J. Grant, PhD

Associate Senior Librarian

Assistant Director for Research and Informatics

  • PhD: University of Cincinnati (Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Science: Dillard University (Chemistry)
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Jason, Don; Trammell, Alison; Grant, Tiffany 2021. Informationists and Nurse Educators Partner to Integrate a Virtual Dissection Table into a Nursing Curriculum. Medical reference services quarterly, 40 4, 437-447

Shah, Silvi; Venkatesan, Renganathan Lalgudi; Gupta, Ayank; Sanghavi, Maitrik K; Welge, Jeffrey; Johansen, Richard; Kean, Emily B; Kaur, Taranpreet; Gupta, Anu; Grant, Tiffany J; Verma, Prasoon 2019. Pregnancy outcomes in women with kidney transplant: Metaanalysis and systematic review. BMC nephrology, 20 1, 24

Joffrion, Tiffany M; Collins, Margaret S; Sesterhenn, Thomas; Cushion, Melanie T 2010. Functional characterization and localization of Pneumocystis carinii lanosterol synthase. Eukaryotic cell, 9 1, 107-15

Joffrion, Tiffany M; Cushion, Melanie T 2010. Sterol biosynthesis and sterol uptake in the fungal pathogen Pneumocystis carinii. FEMS microbiology letters, 311 1, 1-9

Joffrion, Tiffany M; Collins, Margaret S; Cushion, Melanie T 2006. Microaerophilic conditions increase viability and affect responses of Pneumocystis carinii to drugs in vitro. The Journal of eukaryotic microbiology, 53 Suppl 1 , S117-8