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Education / Medical Student Education / Office of Medical Education / Integrated Curriculum / M1 & M2: Integrated Basic Sciences & Clinical Courses

Integrated Basic Science & Clinical Courses

M1 Required Courses

M1 12345678910111213141516171819Break2021222324252627282930313233Break34353637383940   
OrientationHealthcare Emergency Management: Physician 1st ResponderPhysician & SocietyFundamentals of Molecular MedicineIntegrated ExamFundamentals of Molecular MedicineIntegrated ExamWinter BreakMusculoskeletal-IntegumentaryIntegrated ExamBrain, Mind & BehaviorSpring BreakBrain, Mind & BehaviorIntegrated Exam 
Physician & Society 101P&S 101Physician & Society 102P&S 102P&S 102
Learning CommunityLCLearning CommunityLCLC
Clinical Skills 101CS 101Longitudinal Primary Care Clerkship 101LPCC 101LPCC 101
Clinical Skills 102CS 102CS 102
Principles in IPCPPrinciples in IPCPPrinciples in IPCP
Osteology/ Radiology/ Surface Anatomy  Applications in IPCPApplications in IPCPApplications in IPCP

First Year Curriculum

Healthcare Emergency Management: Physician First Responder
Learning Communities
Clinical Skills 101 & 102
Physician and Society 101
Fundamentals of Molecular Medicine
Fundamentals of Cellular Medicine
Physician and Society 102
Longitudinal Primary Care Clerkship 101
Brain, Mind & Behavior
Principles in Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP)
Applications in Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP)

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M2 Required Courses

Blood & CardiovascularIntegrated ExamRenal & PulmonaryIntegrated ExamWinter BreakGastrointestanal / EndocrineSpring BreakReproductionIntegrated ExamMulti-SystemsExamUSMLE PREPARATION
Learning CommunityLCLCLCLCMulti-Systems
Physician & Society 201P&S 201P&S 202P&S 202P&S 202
Longitudinal Primary Care Clerkship 201LPCC 201LPCC 202LPCC 202Multi-Systems
Clinical Skills 201CS 202CS 202CS 202CS 202: ACEPA
Principles in IPCPPrinciples in IPCP
Applications in IPCPApplications in IPCP  HCEM II  

Second Year Curriculum

Blood and Cardiovascular System
Renal and Pulmonary Systems
Clinical Skills 201-202
Longitudinal Primary Care Clerkship 201 & 202
Physician and Society 201
Physician and Society 202
Learning Communities
Health Care Emergency Management Part II: Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) Triage and Natural Disasters
Priniciples in Interprofessional Collaborative Practice II (IPCP)
Applications in Interprofessional Collaborative Practice II (IPCP)

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