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Photo of  Aaron Delman, MD

Aaron Delman, MD

Clinical Instructor

Resident in General Surgery

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Medical Degree: Wayne State University
  • Bachelor's Degree: University of Wisconsin
  • Pre-Medical Studies: University of Pennsylvania
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Buehler, Anna E; Ciuffetelli, Isabella V; Delman, Aaron M; Kent, Saida A; Bayard, Dominique F; Cooney, Elizabeth; Halpern, Scott D; Detsky, Michael E 2018. Contributors to Intensive Care Unit Clinicians' Predictions of Patient Outcomes: A Qualitative Analysis. American journal of critical care : an official publication, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, 27 6, 445-453

Detsky, Michael E; Kohn, Rachel; Delman, Aaron M; Buehler, Anna E; Kent, Saida A; Ciuffetelli, Isabella V; Mikkelsen, Mark E; Turnbull, Alison E; Harhay, Michael O 2018. Patients' perceptions and ICU clinicians predictions of quality of life following critical illness. Journal of critical care, 48 , 352-356

Gosset, Alexi T; Sklar, Michael C; Delman, Aaron M; Detsky, Michael E 2018. Patients' primary activities prior to critical illness: how well do clinicians know them and how likely are patients to return to them? Critical care (London, England), 22 1, 340

Detsky, Michael E; Harhay, Michael O; Bayard, Dominique F; Delman, Aaron M; Buehler, Anna E; Kent, Saida A; Ciuffetelli, Isabella V; Cooney, Elizabeth; Gabler, Nicole B; Ratcliffe, Sarah J; Mikkelsen, Mark E; Halpern, Scott D 2017. Six-Month Morbidity and Mortality among Intensive Care Unit Patients Receiving Life-Sustaining Therapy. A Prospective Cohort Study. Annals of the American Thoracic Society, 14 10, 1562-1570