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Photo of Vivek J. Khandwala, Ph.D., Research Manager

Vivek J. Khandwala, Ph.D., Research Manager

Research Associate

Manager, Radiology Imaging Services Core Lab

Radiology | College of Medicine

  • B.S.: Florida Atlantic University (Computer Science)
  • M.S.: University of Rochester (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Ph.D.: University of Rochester (Biomedical Engineering)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Vivek is the manager for the Radiology Services Imaging Core Lab. He is responsible for design and setup of cloud-based imaging infrastructure platform for large trials and investigator initiated studies. This enables seamless collection of data, QA/QC, routing of the data, collection of clinical data from the reads performed by the radiologists, preparing the data for analyses and interfacing with the statisticians. He is also involved with segmentation and volumetric analysis of imaging data. ...

Peer Reviewed Publications

Mahammedi, A; Ramos, A; Bargalló, N; Gaskill, M; Kapur, S; Saba, L; Carrete, H; Sengupta, S; Salvador, E; Hilario, A; Revilla, Y; Sanchez, M; Perez-Nuñez, M; Bachir, S; Zhang, B; Oleaga, L; Sergio, J; Koren, L; Martin-Medina, P; Wang, L; Benegas, M; Ostos, F; Gonzalez-Ortega, G; Calleja, P; Udstuen, G; Williamson, B; Khandwala, V; Chadalavada, S; Woo, D; Vagal, A 2021. Brain and Lung Imaging Correlation in Patients with COVID-19: Could the Severity of Lung Disease Reflect the Prevalence of Acute Abnormalities on Neuroimaging? A Global Multicenter Observational Study. AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology, 42 6, 1008-1016

Voleti S; Vidovich J; Corcoran B; Zhang B; Khandwala V; Mistry EA; Khatri P; Tomsick T; Vagal A 2021. Correlation of Alberta Stroke Program Early Computed Tomography Score With Computed Tomography Perfusion Core in Large Vessel Occlusion in Delayed Time Windows Stroke, 52 2, 498-504