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Photo of Frankie K. Kropp

Frankie K. Kropp

Clinical Research Manager

Clinical Research Director/Administrator

Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience | College of Medicine

  • Master's Degree: Eastern KY University (Clinical Psychology)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Northern KY University (Psychology)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Nothern Ky State College (Theatre Arts)
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Campbell, Aimee N C; Turrigiano, Eva; Moore, Michelle; Miele, Gloria M; Rieckmann, Traci; Hu, Mei-Chen; Kropp, Frankie; Ringor-Carty, Roz; Nunes, Edward V 2015. Acceptability of a web-based community reinforcement approach for substance use disorders with treatment-seeking American Indians/Alaska Natives. Community mental health journal, 51 4, 393-403

Kropp, Frankie; Lilleskov, Maurine; Richards, Jennifer; Somoza, Eugene 2014. Client and provider views on access to care for substance-using American Indians: perspectives from a Northern Plains urban clinic. American Indian and Alaska native mental health research (Online), 21 2, 43-65

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