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Welcome to the Division of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology (PAG) at the University of Cincinnati. Our program was one of the first of its kind in the U.S. to recognize the important need for specialized management of gynecological problems in girls and adolescents.

We practice at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC), one of the top pediatric hospitals in the U.S. and a well-known institution in the Tristate, which is located immediately adjacent to the College of Medicine.

As one of only a few programs in North America, our division is nationally recognized for both comprehensive medical and surgical management of pediatric and adolescent reproductive health concerns, including complex pelvic reconstructive surgery and multidisciplinary care.

Our specialty team includes faculty physicians, nurses, as well as a pediatric nurse practitioner, clinical fellows and our social worker. Our team approach to care allows meaningful input from all members of our team in the development of a comprehensive, family-centered care plan for each patient.

Our faculty’s specialized training offers thoughtful approaches to management of gynecological problems in girls and teens that can have profound consequences on sexual development and future fertility. The division provides the full spectrum of routine PAG procedures (simple vaginoscopy and hymenectomy) to complex reconstruction (vaginal septum resection and neovaginal reconstruction).

We participate in many interdisciplinary management teams for both medical and surgical care, with an emphasis on the growth and development of our newest programs, the Oncofertility program (focusing on preservation of ovarian function in girls treated for cancer) and the clinical care of patients with Disorders of Sexual Development.

Our PAG program is active in multiple areas of clinical and translational research. Our research themes include: (1) Reproductive health (behavior, infection, prevention and contraception); (2) Onco-fertility and hematologic bleeding disorders; (3) Reconstruction methods and techniques for complex ano/urogenital anomalies; and (4) Gynecologic outcomes following treatment of a pediatric gynecologic condition.

In addition to patient care and clinical research, our division is committed to teaching the next generation of providers. We offer opportunities for all levels of trainees, even premed students and nursing students, to appreciate the exciting potential within the field of PAG.

As a new division in the department, we look forward to the opportunity to share the excitement and excellence of our division as we continue to grow and develop.

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