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Photo of  Kevin R. Duque, MD

Kevin R. Duque, MD

Post Doc Fellow


Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Medical Degree: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Contact Information
Research Interests

Movement Disorders
Neurodegenerative Diseases
Sleep Medicine
Neuro-infectious Diseases

Peer Reviewed Publications

Younce, J R; Cascella, R H; Berman, B D; Jinnah, H A; Bellows, S; Feuerstein, J; Wagle Shukla, A; Mahajan, A; Chang, F C F; Duque, K R; Reich, S; Richardson, S Pirio; Deik, A; Stover, N; Luna, J M; Norris, S A 2023. Anatomical categorization of isolated non-focal dystonia: novel and existing patterns using a data-driven approach. Dystonia, 2 ,

Marsili, Luca; Duque, Kevin R; Bode, Rachel L; Kauffman, Marcelo A; Espay, Alberto J 2022. Uncovering Essential Tremor Genetics: The Promise of Long-Read Sequencing. Frontiers in neurology, 13 , 821189

Errea, Renato A; Vasquez-Rios, George; Calderon, Maria L; Siu, Diego; Duque, Kevin R; Juarez, Luciana H; Gallegos, Rodrigo; Uriol, Celene; Rondon, Claudia R; Baca, Katia P; Fabian, Rosario J; Canales, Marco; Terashima, Angelica; Marcos, Luis A; Samalvides, Frine 2019. Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis in Children from a Rural Community Taking Part in a Periodic Deworming Program in the Peruvian Amazon. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, 101 3, 636-640

Medina-Alva, Pilar; Duque, Kevin R; Zea-Vera, Alonso; Bellomo, Sicilia; Cárcamo, César; Guillen-Pinto, Daniel; Rivas, Maria; Tori, Alfredo; Zegarra, Jaime; Cam, Luis; Castañeda, Anne; Villavicencio, Aasith; Ochoa, Theresa J 2019. Combined predictors of neurodevelopment in very low birth weight preterm infants. Early human development, 130 , 109-115

Duque, Kevin R; Escalaya, Alejandro L; Zapata, Willy; Burneo, Jorge G; Bustos, Javier A; Gonzales, Isidro; Saavedra, Herbert; Pretell, E Javier; Garcia, Hector H 2018. Clinical topography relationship in patients with parenchymal neurocysticercosis and seizures. Epilepsy research, 145 , 145-152

Duque, Kevin R; Burneo, Jorge G 2017. Clinical presentation of neurocysticercosis-related epilepsy. Epilepsy & behavior : E&B, 76 , 151-157

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