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Photo of  Zhenyu Yuan

Zhenyu Yuan

Research Scientist

Research Associate- Kovall Lab

Molecular & Cellular Biosciences | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Gomez-Lamarca, Maria J; Falo-Sanjuan, Julia; Stojnic, Robert; Abdul Rehman, Sohaib; Muresan, Leila; Jones, Matthew L; Pillidge, Zoe; Cerda-Moya, Gustavo; Yuan, Zhenyu; Baloul, Sarah; Valenti, Phillippe; Bystricky, Kerstin; Payre, Francois; O'Holleran, Kevin; Kovall, Rhett; Bray, Sarah J 2018. Activation of the Notch Signaling Pathway In Vivo Elicits Changes in CSL Nuclear Dynamics. Developmental cell, 44 5, 611-623.e7

Nagel, Anja C; Auer, Jasmin S; Schulz, Adriana; Pfannstiel, Jens; Yuan, Zhenyu; Collins, Courtney E; Kovall, Rhett A; Preiss, Anette 2017. Phosphorylation of Suppressor of Hairless impedes its DNA-binding activity. Scientific reports, 7 1, 11820

Tabaja, Nassif; Yuan, Zhenyu; Oswald, Franz; Kovall, Rhett A 2017. Structure-function analysis of RBP-J-interacting and tubulin-associated (RITA) reveals regions critical for repression of Notch target genes. The Journal of biological chemistry, 292 25, 10549-10563

Yuan, Zhenyu; Praxenthaler, Heiko; Tabaja, Nassif; Torella, Rubben; Preiss, Anette; Maier, Dieter; Kovall, Rhett A 2016. Structure and Function of the Su(H)-Hairless Repressor Complex, the Major Antagonist of Notch Signaling in Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS biology, 14 7, e1002509

Contreras, Ashley N; Yuan, Zhenyu; Kovall, Rhett A 2015. Thermodynamic binding analysis of Notch transcription complexes from Drosophila melanogaster. Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 24 5, 812-22

Collins, Kelly J; Yuan, Zhenyu; Kovall, Rhett A 2014. Structure and function of the CSL-KyoT2 corepressor complex: a negative regulator of notch signaling. Structure (London, England : 1993), 22 1, 70-81

Yuan, Zhenyu; Friedmann, David R; VanderWielen, Bradley D; Collins, Kelly J; Kovall, Rhett A 2012. Characterization of CSL (CBF-1, Su(H), Lag-1) mutants reveals differences in signaling mediated by Notch1 and Notch2. The Journal of biological chemistry, 287 42, 34904-16

Bahassi, El Mustapha; Yin, Moying; Robbins, Susan B; Li, Ya-Qin; Conrady, Deborah G; Yuan, Zhenyu; Kovall, Rhett A; Herr, Andrew B; Stambrook, Peter J 2011. A human cancer-predisposing polymorphism in Cdc25A is embryonic lethal in the mouse and promotes ASK-1 mediated apoptosis. Cell division, 6 1, 4

Maier, Dieter; Kurth, Patricia; Schulz, Adriana; Russell, Andrew; Yuan, Zhenyu; Gruber, Kim; Kovall, Rhett A; Preiss, Anette 2011. Structural and functional analysis of the repressor complex in the Notch signaling pathway of Drosophila melanogaster. Molecular biology of the cell, 22 17, 3242-52

VanderWielen, Bradley D; Yuan, Zhenyu; Friedmann, David R; Kovall, Rhett A 2011. Transcriptional repression in the Notch pathway: thermodynamic characterization of CSL-MINT (Msx2-interacting nuclear target protein) complexes. The Journal of biological chemistry, 286 17, 14892-902

Chen, Zhuo; Zhang, Kun; Zhang, Xin; Yuan, Xiao H; Yuan, Zhenyu; Jin, Li; Xiong, Momiao 2003. Comparison of gene expression between metastatic derivatives and their poorly metastatic parental cells implicates crucial tumor-environment interaction in metastasis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Clinical & experimental metastasis, 20 4, 335-42