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CASB Researchers

NIH Award for Glacios 200 kV Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscope (cryo-TEM)

Thomas Thompson,
National Institutes of Health S10

Glacios 200 kV Cryogenic Transmission Electron 
Microscope (cryo-TEM) 

The award runs from 9/1/2021- 8/31/2022.
Researchers have secured NIH funding for a Glacios 200 kV microscope with Falcon 4 detector and autoloader, which will be housed in a newly developing cryo-EM facility at the University of Cincinnati. The Glacios will allow researchers to further optimize samples for structural analysis in house or provide the justification for use of advanced cryo-EM instrumentation available at other institutions or NIH consortia for higher resolution studies. Collectively, the acquisition of the Glacioswill directly benefit over 30 NIH funded investigators working in the focus areas of Cardiovascular, Cancer, Infectious Disease, and Neuroscience.