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Photo of Erik Y. Zhang

Erik Y. Zhang

Research Scientist

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Ph. D.: City University of New York (Biology)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Pathology are usually revealed as molecular insights of the diseased tissue. From analysis of TSC and LAM related gene expression arrays, we identified many potential biomarkers including most protein coding genes and lncRNAs. Those genes are differential expressed highly significantly between LAM nodules and normal tissues and they are subject to GSEA, network and pathway analysis. We also incorporate bio-pathways with our metabolomics data, and develop our working hypothesis.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Li, Xiangke; Liu, Xiaolei; Zhang, Linda; Li, Chenggang; Zhang, Erik; Ma, Wang; Fan, Qingxia; Yu, Jane J 2017. Insulin growth factor binding protein 2 mediates the progression of lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Oncotarget, 8 22, 36628-36638

Li, Chenggang; Li, Na; Liu, Xiaolei; Zhang, Erik Y; Sun, Yang; Masuda, Kouhei; Li, Jing; Sun, Julia; Morrison, Tasha; Li, Xiangke; Chen, Yuanguang; Wang, Jiang; Karim, Nagla A; Zhang, Yi; Blenis, John; Reginato, Mauricio J; Henske, Elizabeth P; Yu, Jane J 2016. Proapoptotic protein Bim attenuates estrogen-enhanced survival in lymphangioleiomyomatosis. JCI insight, 1 19, e86629

Li, Jing; Shin, Sejeong; Sun, Yang; Yoon, Sang-Oh; Li, Chenggang; Zhang, Erik; Yu, Jane; Zhang, Jianming; Blenis, John 2016. mTORC1-Driven Tumor Cells Are Highly Sensitive to Therapeutic Targeting by Antagonists of Oxidative Stress. Cancer research, 76 16, 4816-27

Li, Jing; Csibi, Alfredo; Yang, Sun; Hoffman, Gregory R; Li, Chenggang; Zhang, Erik; Yu, Jane J; Blenis, John 2015. Synthetic lethality of combined glutaminase and Hsp90 inhibition in mTORC1-driven tumor cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 1, E21-9

Khabibullin, Damir; Medvetz, Douglas A; Pinilla, Miguel; Hariharan, Venkatesh; Li, Chenggang; Hergrueter, Anja; Laucho Contreras, Maria; Zhang, Erik; Parkhitko, Andrey; Yu, Jane J; Owen, Caroline A; Huang, Hayden; Baron, Rebecca M; Henske, Elizabeth P 2014. Folliculin regulates cell-cell adhesion, AMPK, and mTORC1 in a cell-type-specific manner in lung-derived cells. Physiological reports, 2 8,

Li, Chenggang; Lee, Po-Shun; Sun, Yang; Gu, Xiaoxiao; Zhang, Erik; Guo, Yanan; Wu, Chin-Lee; Auricchio, Neil; Priolo, Carmen; Li, Jing; Csibi, Alfredo; Parkhitko, Andrey; Morrison, Tasha; Planaguma, Anna; Kazani, Shamsah; Israel, Elliot; Xu, Kai-Feng; Henske, Elizabeth Petri; Blenis, John; Levy, Bruce D; Kwiatkowski, David; Yu, Jane J 2014. Estradiol and mTORC2 cooperate to enhance prostaglandin biosynthesis and tumorigenesis in TSC2-deficient LAM cells. The Journal of experimental medicine, 211 1, 15-28

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Sun, Yang; Gallacchi, Dana; Zhang, Erik Y; Reynolds, Samuel B; Robinson, Lauren; Malinowska, Izabela A; Chiou, Terry T; Pereira, Ana M; Li, Chenggang; Kwiatkowski, David J; Lee, Po-Shun; Yu, Jane J 2014. Rapamycin-resistant poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 overexpression is a potential therapeutic target in lymphangioleiomyomatosis. American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology, 51 6, 738-49

Sun, Yang; Zhang, Erik; Lao, Taotao; Pereira, Ana M; Li, Chenggang; Xiong, Li; Morrison, Tasha; Haley, Kathleen J; Zhou, Xiaobo; Yu, Jane J 2014. Progesterone and estradiol synergistically promote the lung metastasis of tuberin-deficient cells in a preclinical model of lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Hormones & cancer, 5 5, 284-98

Li, Chenggang; Zhou, Xiaobo; Sun, Yang; Zhang, Erik; Mancini, John D; Parkhitko, Andrey; Morrison, Tasha A; Silverman, Edwin K; Henske, Elizabeth P; Yu, Jane J 2013. Faslodex inhibits estradiol-induced extracellular matrix dynamics and lung metastasis in a model of lymphangioleiomyomatosis. American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology, 49 1, 135-42

Zhang, Erik Y; Stein, Raimund; Chang, Shaohua; Zheng, Yongmu; Zderic, Stephen A; Wein, Alan J; Chacko, Samuel 2004. Smooth muscle hypertrophy following partial bladder outlet obstruction is associated with overexpression of non-muscle caldesmon. The American journal of pathology, 164 2, 601-12

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