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Photo of Nathan J. Robbins

Nathan J. Robbins

Medical Resident/Fellow

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Master of Science: University of Cincinnati
  • Bachelor of Science: University of Cincinnati
  • DO: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Contact Information
Research Interests

Cardiovascular Disease; Mechanisms underlying Heart Failure progression; Cardiac function; Translational Research; Clinical Trials; Basic Science; Echocardiography; Drug Development

Peer Reviewed Publications

Rubinstein, Jack; Robbins, Nathan; Evans, Karen; Foster, Gabrielle; Mcconeghy, Kevin; Onadeko, Toluwalope; Bunke, Julie; Parent, Melanie; Luo, Xi; Joseph, Jacob; Wu, Wen-Chih 2022. Repurposing Probenecid for the Treatment of Heart Failure (Re-Prosper-HF): a study protocol for a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial. Trials, 23 1, 266

Kirschner, Akiva; Koch, Sheryl E; Robbins, Nathan; Karthik, Felix; Mudigonda, Parvathi; Ramasubramanian, Ranjani; Nieman, Michelle L; Lorenz, John N; Rubinstein, Jack 2021. Pharmacologic Inhibition of Pain Response to Incomplete Vascular Occlusion Blunts Cardiovascular Preconditioning Response. Cardiovascular toxicology, 21 11, 889-900

Li, Yutian; Deng, Shan; Wang, Xiaohong; Huang, Wei; Chen, Jing; Robbins, Nathan; Mu, Xingjiang; Essandoh, Kobina; Peng, Tianqing; Jegga, Anil G; Rubinstein, Jack; Adams, David E; Wang, Yigang; Peng, Jiangtong; Fan, Guo-Chang 2021. Sectm1a deficiency aggravates inflammation-triggered cardiac dysfunction through disruption of LXRα signalling in macrophages. Cardiovascular research, 117 3, 890-902

O'Connor, Brian; Robbins, Nathan; Koch, Sheryl E; Rubinstein, Jack 2021. TRPV2 channel-based therapies in the cardiovascular field. Molecular underpinnings of clinically relevant therapies. Progress in biophysics and molecular biology, 159 , 118-125

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Onusko, Evan; McDermott, Michael R; Robbins, Nathan; Liu, Guansheng; Kranias, Evangelia G; Rubinstein, Jack; Koch, Sheryl E 2020. Probenecid treatment improves outcomes in a novel mouse model of peripartum cardiomyopathy. PloS one, 15 3, e0230386

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Robbins, Nathan; Hooker, Edmond A; Hart, Kim W; Kapur, Sangita; Blomkalns, Andra 2019. Computed tomographic quantification of periaortic adipose tissue volume as a correlate of cardiovascular disease. Cardiology journal, 26 6, 802-804

Daly, Patrick; Kayse, Regina; Rudick, Steven; Robbins, Nathan; Scheler, Jennifer; Harris, David; O'Donnell, Robert; Dwivedi, Alok K; Gerson, Myron C 2018. Feasibility and safety of exercise stress testing using an anti-gravity treadmill with Tc-99m tetrofosmin single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) myocardial perfusion imaging: A pilot non-randomized controlled study. Journal of nuclear cardiology : official publication of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, 25 4, 1092-1097

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