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Photo of Jennifer L. Leddon

Jennifer L. Leddon

Clinical Instructor

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • MD/PhD: University of Cincinnati
  • BS: University of Alabama
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Abstract Publications

Leddon, J.L., Chen, C.Y., Currier, M.A., Wang, P.Y., Jung, F.A., Denton, N.L., Cripe, K.M., Haworth, K.B., Arnold, M.A., Gross, A.C. and Eubank, T.D. 2015. Oncolytic HSV virotherapy in murine sarcomas differentially triggers an antitumor T-cell response in the absence of virus permissivity Molecular therapy oncolytics, 1 , 14010

Currier, M.A., Eshun, F.K., Sholl, A., Chernoguz, A., Crawford, K., Divanovic, S., Boon, L., Goins, W.F., Frischer, J.S., Collins, M.H. and Leddon, J.L. 2013. VEGF blockade enables oncolytic cancer virotherapy in part by modulating intratumoral myeloid cells Molecular Therapy, 21(5) , 1014

Browne, A.W., Leddon, J.L., Currier, M.A., Williams, J.P., Frischer, J.S., Collins, M.H., Ahn, C.H. and Cripe, T.P. 2011. Cancer screening by systemic administration of a gene delivery vector encoding tumor-selective secretable biomarker expression PloS one, 6(5) , 19530