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Photo of Matt B. Dodson

Matt B. Dodson

Assistant Professor

Environmental & Public Health Sciences | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Chen, Wei-Tai; Dodson, Matthew 2023. The untapped potential of targeting NRF2 in neurodegenerative disease. Frontiers in aging, 4 , 1270838

Dodson, Matthew; Chen, Jinjing; Shakya, Aryatara; Anandhan, Annadurai; Zhang, Donna D 2023. The dark side of NRF2 in arsenic carcinogenesis. Advances in pharmacology (San Diego, Calif.), 96 , 47-69

Dodson, Matthew; Zhang, Donna D 2023. The pyrimidinosome is cancer's Achilles' heel. Nature cell biology, 25 6, 798-799

Shakya, Aryatara; Dodson, Matthew; Artiola, Janick F; Ramirez-Andreotta, Monica; Root, Robert A; Ding, Xinxin; Chorover, Jon; Maier, Raina M 2023. Arsenic in Drinking Water and Diabetes. Water, 15 9,

A, Anandhan; W, Chen; N, Nguyen; L, Madhavan; M, Dodson; Zhang, D D 2022. α-Syn overexpression, NRF2 suppression, and enhanced ferroptosis create a vicious cycle of neuronal loss in Parkinson's disease. Free radical biology & medicine, 192 , 130-140

Dodson, Matthew; Dai, Wujing; Anandhan, Annadurai; Schmidlin, Cody J; Liu, Pengfei; Wilson, Nathan C; Wei, Yongyi; Kitamura, Naoya; Galligan, James J; Ooi, Aikseng; Chapman, Eli; Zhang, Donna D 2022. CHML is an NRF2 target gene that regulates mTOR function. Molecular oncology, 16 8, 1714-1727

Dodson, Matthew; Shakya, Aryatara; Anandhan, Annadurai; Chen, Jinjing; Garcia, Joe G N; Zhang, Donna D 2022. NRF2 and Diabetes: The Good, the Bad, and the Complex. Diabetes, 71 12, 2463-2476

Anandhan, Annadurai; Nguyen, Nhat; Syal, Arjun; Dreher, Luke A; Dodson, Matthew; Zhang, Donna D; Madhavan, Lalitha 2021. NRF2 Loss Accentuates Parkinsonian Pathology and Behavioral Dysfunction in Human α-Synuclein Overexpressing Mice. Aging and disease, 12 4, 964-982

Liu, Pengfei; Dodson, Matthew; Li, Hui; Schmidlin, Cody J; Shakya, Aryatara; Wei, Yongyi; Garcia, Joe G N; Chapman, Eli; Kiela, Pawel R; Zhang, Qing-Yu; White, Eileen; Ding, Xinxin; Ooi, Aikseng; Zhang, Donna D 2021. Non-canonical NRF2 activation promotes a pro-diabetic shift in hepatic glucose metabolism. Molecular metabolism, 51 , 101243

Dodson, Matthew; Castro-Portuguez, Raul; Zhang, Donna D 2019. NRF2 plays a critical role in mitigating lipid peroxidation and ferroptosis. Redox biology, 23 , 101107

Dodson, Matthew; de la Vega, Montserrat Rojo; Cholanians, Aram B; Schmidlin, Cody J; Chapman, Eli; Zhang, Donna D 2019. Modulating NRF2 in Disease: Timing Is Everything. Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology, 59 , 555-575

Dodson, Matthew; de la Vega, Montserrat Rojo; Harder, Bryan; Castro-Portuguez, Raul; Rodrigues, Silvia D; Wong, Pak Kin; Chapman, Eli; Zhang, Donna D 2018. Low-level arsenic causes proteotoxic stress and not oxidative stress. Toxicology and applied pharmacology, 341 , 106-113

Dodson, Matthew; Liu, Pengfei; Jiang, Tao; Ambrose, Andrew J; Luo, Gang; Rojo de la Vega, Montserrat; Cholanians, Aram B; Wong, Pak Kin; Chapman, Eli; Zhang, Donna D 2018. Increased O-GlcNAcylation of SNAP29 Drives Arsenic-Induced Autophagic Dysfunction. Molecular and cellular biology, 38 11,

Dodson, Matthew; Wani, Willayat Y; Redmann, Matthew; Benavides, Gloria A; Johnson, Michelle S; Ouyang, Xiaosen; Cofield, Stacey S; Mitra, Kasturi; Darley-Usmar, Victor; Zhang, Jianhua 2017. Regulation of autophagy, mitochondrial dynamics, and cellular bioenergetics by 4-hydroxynonenal in primary neurons. Autophagy, 13 11, 1828-1840

Dodson, Matthew; Darley-Usmar, Victor; Zhang, Jianhua 2013. Cellular metabolic and autophagic pathways: traffic control by redox signaling. Free radical biology & medicine, 63 , 207-21

Dodson, Matthew; Liang, Qiuli; Johnson, Michelle S; Redmann, Matthew; Fineberg, Naomi; Darley-Usmar, Victor M; Zhang, Jianhua 2013. Inhibition of glycolysis attenuates 4-hydroxynonenal-dependent autophagy and exacerbates apoptosis in differentiated SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells. Autophagy, 9 12, 1996-2008