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UC Heart, Lung, & Vascular Institute

Translating our insights into real treatments that help our patients every day

Clinical Care

Cardiovascular Health and Disease is within the UC Health network, where expert physicians, advanced nurse practitioners, and sub-specialty care providers come together with researchers from the UC College of Medicine to uncover breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine.


We are translational researchers, working side by side with clinicians to get an even better understanding of the complex cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, gaining the insight needed to quickly turn discoveries into new therapies for people with or at risk for heart, lung or vascular disease.


Cardiovascular Health and Disease is now accepting Letters of Intent for the 2018 HLVI Near Horizons Precision Medicine Research Grant.


Our world-renowned faculty’s commitment to cutting-edge research and science-driven patient care is training the next generation of physicians and scientists who will be making further discoveries and treating the patients of tomorrow.

Welcome to the
Cardiovascular Health and Disease

Richard C. Becker, MD, FAHA: Director and Physician-in-Chief

The University of Cincinnati Cardiovascular Health and Disease, a collaboration of the UC College of Medicine, UC Health and University of Cincinnati Colleges of allied Health is a multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional home for advanced education and innovative research for complex heart and circulation diseases, disorders and conditions. Employing integrated centers of excellence and programs of distinction, the HCI stands alone amidst non-academic institutes and academic institutes with unidimensional capabilities.

Photo of Dr. Richard Becker


  • Richard C. Becker, MD
  • Sakthivel Sadayappan, PhD, MBA
  • Christy K. Holland, PhD
  • Kevin Haworth, PhD
  • A. Phillip Owens, PhD
  • Donald Lynch, MD


  • Sherri Noonan, MHA, BRST, CNMT, RT (N)
  • Lana Roberson
  • Mindy John
  • Sharon Geiger

Our Mission

The overarching mission for the UC Heart and Circulation Research Institute is to:

  • Educate clinicians and scientists who will become future researchers and academic leaders.
  • Conduct cutting-edge clinical, population and in silico research.
  • Accelerate the translation of basic and clinical discoveries to optimize patient care.
  • Create a virtual home for entrepreneurs who will push the boundaries of imagination and creativity.
  • Impact trainees, physicians, investigators and ultimately, patients throughout the world.

Our Vision

The HCRI will transform advanced education and research to benefit healthcare society. Our aspiration is to influence the health of patients by:

  • Making important advances in biomedical science.
  • Fostering a multidisciplinary and programmatic-based environment that unites our efforts to prevent illness and treat disease.
  • Translating research discoveries into clinical practice.
  • Addressing health disparities in our community through point-of-impact research and intervention.
  • Sharing our vision and advances locally, regionally and nationally through wide-reaching research programs and collaborations.
  • Training future scientists, scholars and academic leaders who will carry our mission forward.
  • Investing in technologies, tools, infrastructure, and people- the foundations of success.




Organizational Structure

The UC Cardiovascular Health and Disease is a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary organization that includes: a director, chief science officer, executive administrative director, entrepreneur liaison, internal advisory board, and external advisory board. Members of the leadership and advisory boards will include representation from the Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease, Departments within the College of Medicine, and each Allied Health College. The UC HLVI leadership reports to the College of Medicine Dean and Health System CEO. The organizational structure is designed to be inclusive, transparent, and responsive to the University, COM, Health System, and community. Our operations and priorities assure mission alignment for the HLVI with the COM, Allied Health Colleges, UC Health System, Department Chairs, Cincinnati Cancer Center, Gardner Neurosciences Institute, and Co-Directors of the Cincinnati Children’s Heart Institute.

Climate and Culture

The Leadership and Administrative (LEAP) Committee is a pillar for the HLVI and its relationships with the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Allied Health Colleges, and our community, public, private and academic stakeholders. Members include faculty and staff from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Gender Equity and Inclusion, and the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. The LEAP Committee honors the tenet that equity and inclusion foster the pillars of the community: Belonging, Agency, Cultural Competence, and Accountability.

Our Leadership

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