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Fact Sheets Resources Page

Fact sheets are developed to provide Midwest Consortium trainers with a hand out on topics of interest to workers and residents in the region.  These may be used as part of an established training program or for information during program promotion.

Library of Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets are available:

See Below for acknowledgements and conditions.


The Midwest Consortium developed these fact sheets under cooperative agreement number U45 ES 06184 from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Several member institutions of the Midwest Consortium contributed to the development of these exercises.

See the MWC People page for a listing of contacts at each member institution and additional information.

We encourage you to comment on these materials. Please give your suggestions to the Midwest Consortium for Hazardous Waste Worker Training, University of Cincinnati, P.O. Box 670056, Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0056 or Contact us


The Midwest Consortium has copyrighted this material. A recipient of the material, other than the Federal Government, may not reproduce it without permission of the copyright owner. The material was prepared for use by instructors experienced in the training of persons who are or who anticipate being employed in occupations or with duties covered by 29CFR1910.120 and related guidance or community residents potentially affected by industrial operations or natural disasters. Users are cautioned that the subject is constantly evolving. Therefore, the material may require additions, deletions, or modifications to incorporate the effects of that evolution occurring after the date of this material preparation.

These fact sheets are intended to complement training to meet the requirements of the OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Final Rule (1910.120 effective March 6, 1990) and other informational purposes with residents. The fact sheets do notprovide the necessary knowledge and skills for the reader to achieve successful completion at any level of training shown in the Final Rule. These fact sheets may be used by experienced trainers as part of an overall training plan to achieve stated objectives of a complete program (not shown here).


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