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  • Meadowbrook Middle School students gather, test water samples

    Article features comments from Erin Haynes, DrPH, associate professor in the Department of Environmental Health at the UC College of Medicine. Students of Meadowbrook Middle School recently collaborated with the University of Cincinnati in an environmental pollution study coordinated locally by retired educator Rusty Roberts.
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  • Despite New Law, EPA Fails to Tell Millions of Montana Asbestos Danger

    Article features comments from James Lockey, MD, professor emeritus in the Department of Environmental Health at the UC College of Medicine and a UC Health physician. Public health officials say the long-awaited addition of asbestos to the government’s recently released list of most dangerous chemicals will save lives, especially people across the country who are living with lethal fibers dug from a Montana mine.
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UC Among Public Health Leaders Urging 'Call to Action' on Gun Safety

Researchers from nine medical and public health schools present an "agenda foraction" to engage gun owners and manufacturers about reducing public healthills of firearms Read Story

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