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  • Study Finds Children Exposed to Lead Have Worse Jobs and Poorer Cognition as Adults

    Article includes comments from Kim Dietrich, PhD, professor in the UC Department of Environmental Health. Although lead has long been recognized as toxic and lead paint has been banned in the United States for 40 years, it continues to wreak developmental havoc on children. Most recently, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, brought this decades-old problem to the fore yet again. Now, a new study is the latest to confirm that lead exposure not only damages cognitive function but also leads to lower socioeconomic status.
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  • EPA won't ban pesticide chlorpyrifos; is it safe?

    Article includes comments from Michael Dourson, PhD, professor in the UC Department of Environmental Health. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt denied a petition Wednesday requesting that the agency ban the use of the chlorpyrifos on all United States food crops. Chlorpyrifos, a product of Dow Agrosciences, is an insecticide proved effective against mosquitoes, cockroaches and fire ants, which has been registered for use in the US since 1965.
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