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1-yr Non-thesis MS

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2-yr Thesis MS

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Gap Year Experience

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What's your next step?

The University of Cincinnati, MS in Pharmacology program provides opportunities for you to explore your scientific passion with tracks designed to help you as you choose your next step!

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Research Track

Curious about pursuing a PhD but unsure about committing to 5 years?  The MS in Pharmacology Research Track allows students to take core and elective course options with UC PhD students plus provides the opportunity to explore research interests. 

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Industry Track

Interested in a career in drug development?  The Industry Track allows students to explore research interests with several opportunities to connect with experts currently working in PreClinical/NonClinical & Clinical Drug Development including contract research organizations Battelle, Charles River, Covance and Medpace. 

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Gap Year Track

Looking for a gap year experience?  This track supports students by providing access to rigorous natural science courses, professional development workshops, opportunities for community service, with a curriculum grounded in the medically relevant field of Pharmacology and PreClinical & Clinical Drug Safety. 

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Our Culture

Here at UC MS in Pharmacology program, we are passionate about our students. We work diligently to introduce students to exciting educational experiences in preclinical/nonclinical drug safety while providing a solid foundation in pharmacology. Students discover their scientific passion and are provided individualized support as they work toward their career goals. Whether you are interested in a gap year experience or pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry or wish to continue your graduate education, our MS in Pharmacology faculty are here to support you.

Students with Bearcat at Graduation

"It allowed me to see that I was capable of continuing my education and encouraged me to pursue my doctoral degree."

Mianna, MS 2013

Students in a lab

"The MS program is one of those things where you get out of it what you put into it. The research opportunities, if taken seriously, can end up in an authorship. Your relationships with the PIs can extend far beyond just your experience in their lab"

Rachel, MS 2017

"Each industry [trip] gave us a behind the scenes look into what they specialized in. I can still vividly remember each of those trips! They did an incredible job putting class topics into tangible applications."

Zach, MS 2017


The best part of the MS in Pharmacology program are the " field trips, it was a great opportunity to meet and network with the people who worked at those companies."

Nickki, MS 2015

Trips to industry


Guo-chang Fan

Guo-Chang Fan, PhD

Associate Professor

PhD: Zhejiang University
MS: Chinese Academy of Sciences
BS: Nanjing Normal University

Terry Kirley

Terry Kirley, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology

PhD: University of Cincinnati
MS: University of Cincinnati
BE: University of Cincinnati

Andy Norman

Andy Norman, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology

Doctorate: King's College, London
Bachelor: King's College, London

Dr. Robert Rapoport

Dr. Robert Rapoport, PhD

PhD Program Director

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
PhD: University of California Los Angeles
BS: University of California

Jo El Schultz

Jo El Schultz, PhD

Associate Professor

PhD: Medical College of Wisconsin
BS: University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Hong-Sheng Wang

Hong-Sheng Wang, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology

PhD: State University of New York
BS: University of Science and Technology of China


Connect with Industry Experts

The MS in Pharmacology curriculum provides the unique opportunity to interact with scientists currently working in the Pharmaceutical Industry specializing in Safety Pharmacology & Drug Toxicology. We value the expertise of our program contributors and their years of experience evaluating novel drugs for safety.  Our MS students have the extraordinary opportunity to learn directly from these experts through special lectures and numerous field trips to regional industry.  These trips provide a behind the scenes look into the drug development process making difficult course topics come to life with tangible application.

sridhar-jaligama photo

Sridhar Jaligama, PhD, DABT

Study Director/Research Scientist
Inhalation Toxicology
Clinical and NonClinical Research



Mary Jeanne Kallman, PhD, DSP
CNS, Neurotoxicity and Behavior
Kallman Preclinical Consulting

Previous Experience
Neuroscience Global Director
Safety Pharmacology Group Leader
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 Lee Schmidt  

M. Lee Schmidt, PhD

Nonclinical Development Scientist


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Leon F. Stankowski Jr, PhD

Senior Scientific Director
Genetic and In Vitro Toxicology
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Nicole Tepe


Nicole Tepe, PhD, JD

Patent Attorney


Katie Hobbing, PhD

Dear Students,

I'm so pleased you are considering UC for grad school! Choosing to continue your science education is an excellent next step and we hope you will consider our MS program in Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Pharmacology.  

I'm often asked, why study pharmacology? Pharmacology is an exciting interdisciplinary field! It integrates biochemistry with molecular biology and physiology.   Pharmacologists not only identify novel molecular targets but also develop novel drugs, evaluate these drugs for safety and clinical efficacy.

So what makes our MS program unique?  It's designed with you in mind!  Our program provides numerous networking opportunities (special lectures/trips to regional industry), an educational foundation in Pharmacology & Drug Toxicology with a unique focus on Preclinical/Nonclinical & Clinical Drug Safety. Students have discovered that it is an excellent gap year experience with support tailored to your desired career path (MD or PhD). Graduates of our program are ideal candidates for careers in industry (CROs, specialized pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies) or have successfully gained admittance to medical school or graduate school.  

Questions? We would be happy to talk with you about your interests and connect you with students currently in our program. Feel free to contact our Program Coordinator, Emma Jones, or click on the "Contact Us" link above.  

I look forward to seeing you this fall!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.52.16 PM
Katharine Hobbing, PhD
Faculty Director, MCBP MS Program
Assistant Professor,
Department of Pharmacology & Systems Physiology