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Systems Biology and Physiology Graduate Program

Current Students  |  Remon Azer

I work on understanding the mechanism of HRC (histidine-rich calcium-binding protein) in normal calcium cycling and cardiac contraction. I also work on elucidating the role of HRC mutations in pathogenesis of cardiac arrhythmia. My current project is under the mentorship of both Prof. Evangelia (Litsa) Kranias and Prof. Sakthivel Sadayappan. I am in the PhD program in Systems Biology and Physiology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. I received my Master of Science in biochemistry from Cairo University, Egypt. I am interested in cardiovascular physiology, genetics, and bioinformatics, especially the gray areas between them. I have eight years of experience as a molecular geneticist at Aswan Heart Center, Egypt. There I worked on the national project for molecular characterization of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) by molecular screening for the main sarcomeric genes (MYBPC3, MYH7, and TNNT2) among patients with HCM. I have published four peer-reviewed articles.

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Remon Azer

Year in Program: 3rd

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt

Rotation Mentor: Dr. Harley


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