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College of Medicine Core Service Centers

The UC College of Medicine houses a number of core facilities designated as core service centers for use by the research community.

The service center designation signifies that the rates charged by each of these facilities have been reviewed and approved by the UC government cost compliance office, thus the service fees can be cross-charged to grants and contracts.Details related to the services offered and the general fee structure for each of the cores is provided below.

Resources to offset some of the cost of the core services may be available through a variety of centers and institutes across UC depending on an investigator’s affiliation. Information related to some of those opportunities and the website links are provided below.

Note that resources for all the core service centers may not be available from all of the institutes or centers, so please consult the individual sites for details.

Finally, many other core services available to UC College of Medicine investigators are sponsored by the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation. Please consult the Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation Core website for details.


BSL3 Facility

To provide a laboratory environment suitable for work with BSL3 agents.

Department of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0524

Gary Dean, PhD, Associate Professor and BSL3 Facility Director
Phone: 513-558-0065
Fax: 513-558-8474
Cell: 513-470-7759

Center for Biological Microscopy


To assist the researcher in generating high-resolution, high quality, microscopy-based data for publications and presentation at professional venues. A range of services is available for both experienced and inexperienced users. Experienced users may use the Center's instruments after orientation by a staff member. Inexperienced users may choose to receive training in the use of the instruments, technical support in microscopy and image analysis, consultation in experimental design, or have us perform the microscopy for them as a service.

Location & Hours:
Vontz Center for Molecular Studies, Room 3403
Training needs to be scheduled, but experienced users can use the facility at any time.


  • Axiovert with Axiocam MRM camera $5.00
  • Cancer Cell Biology Center Staff Time (e.g., technical consultation or training $27.94
  • Confocal use (LSM 510 or LSM 710) $30.00
  • Confocal Microscopy Time Confocal Microscopy w/ Image Acquisition by Staff Per Hour $57.94
  • Microscopy - Zeiss Axioplan 2 and Orca ER camera Per Hour $15.00
  • Widefield Microscopy on Widefield microscopy on Zeiss Axiovert with Orca-ER camera $15.00
  • WideField Microscopy Time Lapse - Zeiss Axioplan 2 & Orca ER camera Per Hour (over night use only) $5.00.

Birgit Ehmer, Jr. Research Associate
Phone: 513-558-5417

Mailing Address:
Center for Biological Microscopy
Cancer and Cell Biology ML #521
University of Cincinnati
3125 Eden Ave
Cincinnati OH-45267-0521


Clinical Studies Patient Recruitment

The Participant Recruitment and Clinical Research Service Center is a unique resource provided by the University Of Cincinnati Department Of Emergency Medicine to support research conducted across the Academic Health Center. The Center is staffed by a team of clinical research coordinators (CRC). Together, they provide a centralized, coordinated approach to screening and recruiting patients for research participation, collecting and processing specimen samples and data, and entering data into clinical trial databases.

Location & Hours:
CRCs are fully integrated into the Emergency Department at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, West Chester and Jewish hospitals, where they work in tandem with the clinical team. The Center staff is available 24hrs/day, 7 days/week.

General Screening Services - $625/month (Internal); $995/month (External)
  • CRC availability 24hrs/day for screening and identification of potential study participants and/or healthy controls by monitoring newly-arrived Emergency Department patients through all available means, including patient tracking systems, ED rounds, and electronic health record review.
Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Services - $37.50/hr (Internal); $60/hr (External)
  • Study-specific screen – detailed screening assessment to determine inclusion/exclusion criteria, may include medical record review, consultation with treatment team, patient interview and/or assessment
  • Enrollment & consenting – move forward with enrollment of patients who agree to participate in an active therapeutic, interventional research study; this may include additional screening activities
  • Study-specific procedures/assessments – protocol specific procedures/assessments
  • Phlebotomy –  single-stick, blood draws for collection, analysis or shipping
  • Follow-Up – assist with telephone and interview follow-up procedures with enrolled subjects
  • Data/chart abstraction – medical record review to glean data for case report form completion
  • Training – each CRC is required to be trained on each new study protocol
Sara Keegan, Clinical Research Manager
Phone: 513-558-8480
Fax: 513-558-5791

Mailing Address:
Medical Sciences Building Room 253
231 Albert Sabin Way – ML 0769
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0769


Facscalibur/Flow Cytometry Core

The FACScalibur/Flow Cytometry Core is committed to providing unlimited access to a state-of-the-art flow cytometer to enable individual researchers to perform flow cytometric analysis at their convenience. Researchers pay an hourly fee for using the instrument. Fees are used to support the annual service contract and purchase of consumables. 

Location & Hours:
The core is located in CARE/Crawley Building Room 2876.It is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The flow cytometer is available after hours and on weekends for researchers who have card access to the flow cytometer laboratory. For more information, please contact Dr. Miller at

The instrument is available on a first-come, first serve basis and researchers can sign up at the online Yahoo calendar to reserve their time on the machine. For access to the instrument and the online calendar, please contact Dr. Miller at

The FACSCalibur is configured with following lasers and emission filters:
  • FL1 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 515-545nm Emission Filter (FITC, GFP, etc.)
  • FL2 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 564-601nm Emission Filter (PE, PI, RFP, etc.)
  • FL3 Channel - Blue Laser (488nm) and 670LP Emission Filter (7-AAD, PerCP, etc)
  • FL4 Channel - Red Laser (635nm) and 653-669nm Emission Filter (APC, Cy5, etc.)

The FACSCalibur does not have sorting capabilities

The FACSCalibur is running BD CellQuest Pro Software

Usage rates are $20.00 per 1/2 hour (1/2 hour is the minimum charge). Bills are processed quarterly and sent to the investigator.

William Miller, PhD, Associate Professor
Phone: 513-558-0866

Mailing Address:
Department of Molecular Genetics
PO BOX 0524
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0524


Genomics, Epigenomics and Sequencing Core (GESC)


GESC is a fee-for-service, one-stop core facility that provides genomics and epigenomics related services to researchers at the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children's Hospital. It also provides services to other institutions and organizations on contract bases.

Location & Hours:
The core is located in Kettering Laboratories Room 336. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


 Item    Services
 1    Nucleic Acid Isolation (per sample)
 1.1    RNA isolation from Tissue/Cell pellets/FFPE/Blood
 1.2    DNA isolation from Tissue/Cell pellets/FFPE/Blood
 2    Nucleic Acid Quality Analysis (per sample)
 2.1    RNA QC (Bioanalyzer analysis)
 2.2    DNA QC (Bioanalyzer analysis)
 2.3    DNA concentration measurement by Qubit
 2.4    DNA agarose gel electrophoresis
 3    DNA bisuflite PCR Seqeuncing Analysis (per sample)
 3.1    DNA bisulifte modification
 3.2    Primer design, synthesis and bis-PCR optimization
 3.3    Bis-PCR sequencing and data analysis (fixed 12 clones)
 3.4    Custom bis-PCR sequencing (pass through)
 4    Real-time qPCR (per sample)
 4.1    Real-time qPCR (triplicate reaction)
 4.2    Primer design, synthesis and qPCR optimization
 5    DNA/chromatin sonication (per sample)
 5.1    Covaris sonication
 6    RNA-Seq (per sample)
 6.1    Sequencing service
 6.2    Sequencing flow/cell and kits (pass through with extra treatment)
 7    miRNA-Seq (per sample)
 7.1    Sequencing service
 7.2    Sequencing flow/cell and kits (pass through)
 8    DNA-Seq (per sample)
 8.1    Sequencing service
 8.2    Sequencing flow/cell and kits (pass through)
 9    Amplicon-Seq/Custom-Seq (per sample)
 9.1    Sequencing service
 9.2    Sequencing flow/cell and kits (pass through)
 10    Exome-Seq (per sample)
 10.1    Sequencing service
 10.2    Sequencing flow/cell and kits (pass through)
 11    Methyl Capture-Seq (per sample)
 11.1    Sequencing service
 11.2    Sequencing flow/cell and kits (pass through)
 12    Infinium Methylation Assay (per sample)
 12.1    HumanMethylation450 BeadChip
 12.2    Infinium iSelect custom BeadChip for SNP analysis
 12.3    iSelect custom BeadChip (pass through)


Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD
Core Director and Department Chair, Professor
Kettering Building Suite 130
Phone: 513-558-5701

Xiang Zhang, PhD
Core Manager and Research Assistant Professor
Kettering Building Room 336
Phone: 513-558-4764

Agnes Cheong
Research Assistant
Kettering Building Room 337
Phone: 513-558-4764

Mailing Address:
Kettering Building Room 336
3223 Eden Avenue 
Mail Location 0056
Cincinnati, OH 45040



Inhalation Core Facility


The mission of the Inhalation Core Facility is to provide a controlled exposure system to mimic both first hand cigarette smoke exposure and second hand smoke exposure using a whole body exposure system.  In addition, we can provide individual mouse organs, serum, and cigarette smoke extract.

Location & Hours:
The core is located in the Cardiovascular Research Center (CVC) Room 4947. 

Services & Rates:

Description   Internal Rate    External Rate
Inhalation - mice (per day/per cage)   $3.10    $3.10 + Market
 Mouse organ/tissue (per organ)   $5.00    $5.00 + Market
 Smoke Extract (per 10 ML) $10.00    $10.00 + Market

Jennifer Flury

Mailing Location: 
Cardiovascular Research Center Room 4944
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267


Live Microscopy Core


The Live Microscopy facility is designed to help investigators do high resolution imaging with either living or fixed specimens. The facility has 3 advanced Zeiss confocal laser scanning microscopes for use, as well as a Laser Capture Microdissection instrument, multimode plate reader, Real-Time-PCR, stereomicroscope, infrared imager, and cryostat.

Location & Hours:
The core is located in Medical Sciences Building Room 3155. It is open 24/7 for approved trained users, or from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday for technical assistance.

Services & Rates:
Description   Internal Rate
Prime Hours Usage (per hour, Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm)    $35.00
Off Hours Usage (per hour, all times not covered by Prime Hours)    $25.00
Technician Assistance: Full Training for New Users (per person per 4 hr minimum)    $280.00
Technician Assistance: Advanced Training for Users w/ Previous Training (per person per 2 hr minimum)    $140.00
Technician Assistance: Collect Images or samples (per hour)    $70.00
Veritas Lasercapture Microdissection (unlimited access per year)    $350.00
Li-Cor Odyssey Infrared Imager (unlimited access per year)    $200.00
Applied Biosystems StepOnePlus RT-PCR (unlimited access per year)    $200.00
Leica Cryostat (unlimited access per year)    $200.00
PerkinElmer EnVision Multimode Plate Reader (unlimited access per year)    $200.00
Leica Stereomicroscope (per hour)    $5.00
Consultation (per hour)    $33.00

Chet Closson, Lab Manager
Phone: 513-558-3791

Mailing Location:
Medical Sciences Building Room 3155
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267



Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center


Our mission is to advance medical and biological research by providing the scientific community with standardized, high quality metabolic and physiologic phenotyping services for mouse models of diabetes, diabetic complications, obesity and related disorders.
We specialize in the immunological aspects of Type I diabetes, measurement of various glucose and lipid metabolism parameters relevant to Type II diabetes as well as diabetic complications such as heart disease and obesity.

Reading Campus
2120 East Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH 45237


  • Factors Affecting Obesity Measurements
  • Lipid Metabolism Services
  • Glucose Metabolism Services
  • Hormone Assays
  • Cardiovascular Services
  • Energy Balance Services

Dana Lee, Center Administrator
Phone: 513-558-2748



Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory


The Proteomics laboratory is committed to providing collaborative expertise & services in proteomics & biological mass spectrometry both as fee-for-service and as grant supported partnerships.

Location & Hours:
The core is located in the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies Room 1208-1216. It is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment with the director. The phone number is 513-558-4057.


Routine Analyses

  • Comparative protein profiling by 2D gel
  • Protein identification by Mass Spectrometry
  • Characterization of Protein Complexes


Advanced Services/Collaborative Projects

  • Comparative protein profiling by MS (SILAC, iTRAQ)
  • Mapping protein modifications

Technology development research

  • Enzyme assays and inhibitor screening
  • Global phosphorylation profiling

Services & Rates:

Description    Internal Rate
 Protease digestion and peptide recovery per sample    35.00
 MALDI-TOF/TOF and protein ID per sample    60.00
 nanoLC-MS/MS and protein ID per sample  150.00
 MALDI-TOF of intact protein per sample    60.00
 Sample preparation by buffer exchange per sample    20.00
 Serum immunodepletion by IgY spin columns per sample    30.00
 Protein Concentration by Pierce 660 assay per sample    15.00
 2D gel separation per sample    165.00
 Gel Stain (Silver Coomassie) per gel    30.00
 Mini 2D gels per sample    115.00
 Mini 1D gels per gel    85.00
 iTRAQ sample prep and labeling for 4-plex (<100 ug) sample    355.00
 Preparative High pH Reverse Phase separation w/fraction collection    90.00
 Data processing and report generation per hr    40.00
 Research Associate hourly rate    40.00
 Director hourly rate    140.00
 Material Cost Pass through    cost


Ken Greis, PhD, Director and Associate Professor of Cancer Biology
Phone: 513 558-7102

Mailing Address: 

Vontz Center for Molecular StudiesRoom: 1208-1216
3125 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0521


Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training (CCTST)


The mission of the CCTST is to accelerate and improve clinical and translational research across and beyond the UC Academic Health Center.

Location & Hours:
The core is located at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Location S, Room 10.300. It is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment. The phone number is 513-803-2612.

Research methodology consultation, including study design, biostatistical, and regulatory support. Biomedical informatics services, including development of REDCap databases and surveys, and access to adult and pediatric electronic health record datasets. Up to ten hours of doctoral-level consultation per investigator per grant year available at no charge. Additional hours billed at established rates. CCTST membership required (free of charge); join at Members request services through Research Central,

Pilot funding opportunities including T1, Just-in-Time, Methods, Ethics, and Community Health programs.  Searchable database of CCTST and other intramural grant programs at

Career development support for junior faculty through  KL2 and BIRCWH K12 programs, K Club, K23 proposal writing assistance, and  T32 proposal help for departments/divisions.  Mentorship training program offered.

Training opportunities through the MS and Certificate programs in clinical and translational research, CCTST Grand Rounds, and Regulatory Forums.

Staffed in-/outpatient space and core support (bionutrition, biochemistry, behavioral sciences, etc.) through the Clinical Translational Research Center (CTRC). Details at

Community engagement through Practice-Based Research Networks, Community Leaders Institute, spring/fall Speaker Series, and more.

Elizabeth Heubi
Phone: 513-803-2612

Mailing Address:
CCHMC Location S, Room 10.300
240 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati OH 45229



Vontz Core Image Laboratory (VCIL)


The Vontz Core Imaging Laboratory (VCIL) faculty and staff are fully credentialed clinical and research professionals committed to providing timely, state-of-the-art small animal translational imaging for pre-clinical research.

Location & Hours:
The core is located in the Vontz Center for Molecular Studies Room 0330. It is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment. The phone number is 513-558-7930.

Services & Rates:

   Internal Rate
 Optical Imaging  $100/hr
 PET/CT/SPECT  $225/hr
 Post-processing  $75/hr
 Investigator Processing  $36/hr


Kati LaSance,Director
Phone: 513-558-7930

Mailing Address:
Vontz Center for Molecular Studies Room0330
3125 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0521



4T MRI Service Center


The Center for Imaging Research is a College of Medicine core facility dedicated to the in vivo study of human anatomy and physiology. Our primary mission is to provide imaging research capabilities to scientists at the University of Cincinnati. Our facilities include a 4.0 Tesla Varian Unity INOVA Whole Body MRI/MRS system.

Location & Hours:
The core is located in Medical Sciences Building Room E685. It is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p .m. or by appointment. The phone number is 513-558-7174.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Internal Rate: $700 per hour
  • External Rate: $1,127 per hour
    • Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)
    • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)
    • Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)
    • Electroencephalogram (EEG) in conjunction with MRI

Data Analysis

  • Internal Rate:$170 per hour
  • External Rate: $275 per hour

Electroencephalogram (EEG) Acquisition without MRI and Analysis

  • Internal Rate:$170 per hour
  • External Rate: $275 per hour

Caleb Adler, MD,Director
Phone: 513-558-3362

Mailing Address:
Medical Science Service Building Room E685
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0583


9.4T NMR


The 9.4T NMR Lab provides a variety of services and expertise in high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and magnetic resonance micro-imaging (MRI) to researchers in the UC College of Medicine, the broader UC research community, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Location & Hours:
The core is located in Medical Sciences Building Room 4106. It is open by appointment only with the director of center staff member. The phone number is 513-558-3330. Lab personnel can be reached at 513-558-7174.

Services & Rates:

  Internal Rates
 Unassisted NMR, peak I hour (Peak = M-F 8am-6pm)  $50.00
 Assisted NMR, peak or off-peak I hour (Off-peak = all other hours)  $75.00
 Unassisted MRI, peak I hour (Peak = M-F 8am-6pm)  $75.00
 Assisted MRI, peak or off peak I hour (Off-peak = all other hours)  $100.00
 Unassisted NMR, off-peak I hour (Off-peak = all other hours)  $25.00
 Unassisted MRI, off-peak I hour (Off-peak = all other hours)  $50.00
 Data Analysis I hour  $100.00
 Misc. Supplies  cost pass through


In the rate table above, “NMR” refers to all high resolution, multinuclear NMR spectroscopy in solution as well as 1H and 13C magic-angle-spinning NMR spectroscopy of intact tissue samples. “MRI” refers to all MR micro-imaging, typically mouse head and body, and rat head. Assisted service refers to data acquisition primarily by Center personnel.

Richard Komoroski, PhD, Director andResearch Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 513-558-2391

Elizabeth Fugate,MRI Technologist/Research Associate
Phone: 513-558-7174

Mailing Address:
Medical Sciences Building Room 4106
Center for Imaging Research
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0583



University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Tumor Bank

The UCCITB is a fee-for-service core facility that strives to collect, store, and dispense high-quality, appropriately consented human biospecimens in support of clinical and translational research at the University of Cincinnati. De-identified specimens, basic patient demographics and histopathological findings are provided to investigators pending approval by an oversight committee. Contact us for assistance with your biospecimen collection and processing needs.
  Location & Hours:
The Tumor Bank is located in Medical Science Building, Room 1001. It is open Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.
  Description Rate
  Consulting – Director $49.00 / hour
  Consulting – Coordinator $29.00 / hour
  Tissue collection 1 $15.50 / sample
  Fresh tissue $34.00 / sample 
  Frozen tissue $25.00 / sample 
  Unstained tissue section $18.00 / slide
  Additional unstained tissue section $6.00 / slide
  Hematoxylin & eosin staining $6.00 / slide
  Tissue scroll (5 sections in a tube) $14.00 / sample
  Whole blood $16.00 / aliquot
  Blood products (serum, plasma or buffy coat) $23.00 / aliquot
  Urine $16.00 / aliquot
  DNA extraction $13.00 / sample
  RNA extraction $15.00 / sample
  Pathologist slide interpretation 2 $155.00 / hour
  Medical chart abstraction $29.00 / hour
  Pass-through expenses Variable
  1 Tissue collection for investigator’s project specific consent
2 Routine interpretation (confirmation of diagnosis, % tumor and % necrosis)
takes an average of 5 minutes/slide
Kelsey Dillehay McKillip, PhD
Phone: 513-558-6010
  Mailing Address:
Medical Science Building Room 1153D
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0529